Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Avatar: Review

I know it's been released for sometime now, and many would have watched it by now. Today I finally managed to catch the movie with Debra (Yesh! We're no longer losers-who-haven't-watch-it) Err.. if you haven't watched it... You're not a loser... You're just losing out on something great *winks*

What Is It About?

It's about life on Pandora (fictional planet, like duh~), an alien world where humans and Na'vi (a blue-skinned evolved-human or known as sapient humanoids) living together. However, the humans had the intention of retrieving the mineral, Unobtanium and their initial methods were to utilize a remotedly-controlled biological body called the Avatar, that resembles that of a Na'vi. Jake Sully (main character) who was a former marine (handicapped as confined to wheelchair) when operating the Avatar was able to enter the Na'vi world and learnt their ways of living. Gradually the humans wanted all the minerals and decided to pull a war towards the Na'vi, and Jake Sully rises as a hero taking side with the Na'vi to protect the sacred world.

What's Good?

Definitely the animation! You'll find this rocking your world! Not forgetting the special effects as well.
Storyline, it maybe long, but it's good.
Heartfelt, if you're into stories (like me) and you'd followed every second of the movie, you'll feel different feelings each time - from happy, to sad, to excited, to overwhelmed
Morale of the story, there's always a lesson to learn. This movie, it's clear and you get the meaning.

What's Bad?

It's a little long, but I guess for this kinda movie, it's worth it.
You gotta pay attention to it, lose a moment, you might lose something there.

My Ratings:
for a great action-pack movie!
A must watch movie! =)