Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Day Out With Bunch of Awesome Mates...

Earlier today I went out with several mates for a movie trip - to watch "Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief" and "Wolfman". It was splendid, I haven't been to the cinema in a while now, and the last trip there wasn't a pleasant one because it was too rush (It was a screening, but we all had to leave right after the movie, because the complex was closing already)

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief - The movie was rather interesting but somewhat became very predictable (I could tell what's the next scene minutes before it) and there weren't enough effects as I thought it would have.

Wolfman - The typical lycanthrophy show in which the story sequence had not change much from what I recall of watching a werewolf-related movie. Gets bitten, turns into a werewolf, kills others, and get killed in the end. Pretty draggy movie too.

However the company was good, along with
AlexGoh, JacquelynHo, JackieLoi & Girlfriend,
AaronHo, JeremyChoy
movie became fun to watch =)

In between the two movies, we had lunch at Jack's Place, where the rest had their meals (however I skipped mine, 'cause it was a lil overpriced for me). I don't know how good the meals were, but I had some of the fried rice (thanks to Jacq) and I think it's alright.

After movies, we all parted - Jackie and Girlfriend continued their movie marathon, Alex, Jacq and Aaron went home due to their own plans. Jeremy and I? *grins* We headed to Subang's Asia Cafe to grab dinner before meeting up with another bunch! Wanna guess what's up next? (Hint: It's not a movie we're going to, but I could relate it with Zombieland Movie *winks*)

"It was nice meeting @jonykt @aaronwoolala @justhee @joshlim @botakai @euveng @bboyrice @haniehidayah @derekyap over L4D2.. Luv the game! GG!"

Exactly! The evening's plan was to have ourselves a friendly match of Left 4 Dead 2: Survivors Vs The Infected! Tell you, I couldn't remember when was the last time I had this much time at a cyber cafe with a bunch of which I only knew half of them. Met new people, and surprisingly they were quite cooperative! Our team won 3 rounds in the row! *grins* And I believe we were the loudest amongst the lot there *shy* Nevertheless we had utmost fun in ages!

Definitely looking forward to our next gaming session! =D
Ooo I'm still so thrilled/excited!
*adrenaline rush!*

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