Friday, February 12, 2010

Headache - One After Another

Gosh have I been so ever busy?! Lately been stressing out with my assignments and personal works. Honestly, I never liked my college life. I believe life has become so complicated since college started, and that my life would actually be better off without college. I'm so looking forward till the day I get out of that imprisonment (The only reason I'm stuck in college is 'cause I need a certificate and also due to certain obligations). Set aside this major headache, lately there were other headaches I need to worry about. My house!

You see, where I live in, my house is a mess - even worse after the rip-off renovation few years back. Back then, my family was cheated by a so-called contractor who said would renovate the house at a cheaper rate, but actually what he did was use ALL CHEAP STUFFS and UNDER-GRADED materials. So thereafter throughout the years, things have been slowly breaking down. If I listed them all, it'd be a dang long list. Recently there were these "breakdowns" again...

The Fuse Port

The problem was the electrical power supply..
According to the technician recommended by a friend of mine,
the connections previously done wasn't a good job,
so it was only a matter of time till something like come along..

Damage done:

Burnt out fuse, causing my house to STINK for hours...

Toilet Tap/Pipe Connector

The tap broke, followed by the pipe connector
The whole thing just turned into pieces...

Causing much mess in the toilet!

The water just gushed out!

Luckily mum had a plug for the pipe, but it didn't last that long...

We tighten the main pipe to the fullest, but it was to no avail...
water was still flowing...
I couldn't turn any further due to the tap was in a bent manner
and so the it kept flowing...
Had to call in a plumber!

Thankfully again, my friend knew a plumber who came the next day,
and helped out with the waterworks.
According to him, this isn't just a problem, apparently there's
more to it, like the connection of the main water tank and the
entire house's piping...
But fortunately he says, that is for another day, right now there's no
point of fixing it, 'cause it's still alright...
(plus, we didn't have enough time and money for the repairs)

Finally there's no leak!

This is one headache after another. I just don't know when the next "surprise" will be. *sigh* This would be my priority - to rebuild the house better than current condition!

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