Monday, February 01, 2010

Desserts @ Honeymoon, Jinjang

About 2 weeks ago, 2 friends (Wai Hong and Chris) and I went down to Jinjang to get something for lunch. After lunch, we decided to get ourselves some desserts too. So suggested by both of them, we went to Honeymoon. Guess what?! Their logo is so funny, that it reminded me of *dirty minded* a penis! Like seriously, I'd never seen anything like this before! Don't believe? Check it out soon! But the desserts there in general were affordable and good, with good presentation and not to forget they had decent taste =)

Did you see it?
No worries I'll show u a close up later on =D

They have this buzzer thing on each table,
to have the waiter/waitress come in as soon as it rings..
I tried, and it works! =D

Simple layout though, but it's comfortable...

Introducing Wai Hong (left) and Chris (right)

[left] Mango Pancake (Yellow)
[right] Durian Pancake (Light Green)
They were awesome! Like I would order another,
if I didn't had the urge to try others

This is the Water Chestnut Summer Special
Well honestly, to me it was just alright.
Didn't feel the summer feel, or
maybe I was too used to Malaysian weather LOL

This is the simpler version of the above,
Egg Strip Chestnut
This is good, maybe 'cause it was simple...

This has quite a long name,
Mung Bean Soup with Boy Bean Curd
(that was what's written in the menu)
Unique taste because of the mix...
Kinda like it, but 1 bowl was enough for me =)

Ahh, one of my favorite desserts was served there...
This was the Six Happiness Sweet Ball
(Flavors: Sesame, Peanut, Custard, Green Tea,
Yam and Chocolate)
Most of them tasted good!
Had enough fillings, and the layering was good =)

We finished everything up,
so that's our answer.

Why was this fella looking weird?

'Cause he saw the Penis licking himself!
LOL it's just a joke =D

There were many of these displayed there...
I find them very nice =D

I want this pig!!

Who's this girl?
She was the one serving us!
She's nice, and chatty...
but she's shy!
I had to take a picture of her, from outside the shop...
Boy was that 'convenient' *grumbles*

Anyways, this is Jeffro,
and the post about Honeymoon is completed...
Am signing off, Have a great day! =D


  1. I think there is a branch in Pyramid gua....

  2. hehe...utilizing your zoom lens to capture that shy shy girl is it?

  3. @Justin:
    Ooo really? I don't know, have to check out soon!

    yeapz when I had the chance to use the 55-250mm borrowed from a friend =D Teehee!