Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mum!

Wootza! This year around is the 3-in-1 combo celebration with my family! =D Yes, the 14th of February not only stands for Valentine's Day but also the 1st Day of Chinese New Year as well as my mum's birthday! So here goes, a birthday post for mum! *hugs and kisses cheeks*

SO PINK! definitely made for a valentine's! =P
"Mum every year, you're my Valentine's!"

Hope you like the cake mum!
(of course she loved it! see her face! =P)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and hope the whole year round
would be a fantastic time for you!
*hugs and kisses cheeks*


  1. @Xiang:
    thanks! Will convey the message to my mum.. Hehehe.. thanks ya! :D