Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year! - Reunion Dinner

Chinese New Year (CNY) is what most Chinese are always looking for. It's the new year, and also marks a new hope, a new beginning, a new chapter, a new adventure and so on... The day before would be the Eve of CNY which is also refers to a reunion get together before the new year arrives. Yesterday I had the traditional "reunion" dinner, not entirely with my family, but with my family and neighbors. Awesome right? It was the same as last year too, but this time around we had our dinner at Restoran Overseas nearby my house, a very classy place. It's my first time there! Without further delay, let my pictures tell the rest of the story!

And guess what our private room number was?
COOL right?

We only had 2 hours since our dinner reservation was at 6pm
but there's another reservation to go at 8pm.
As you can see, there's quite a number of us, so
we had two tables for ourselves =D

My neighbors (bottom folks) and their relatives...

Check out the menu...
It's in Chinese, but I think I roughly know what's on the menu...
It's kinda the same every year, doesn't run off much:
Fish, Pork (a must!), prawns/chicken, shark fin soup, cold dessert

Of course most importantly for us, was the
Lou Yu Sang (traditional Chinese dish for CNY)
which gives a meaning to prosperity and togetherness

Everyone would help to prepare it...

Then everyone digs in!
Mix it all up and then eat it =D
Everyone enjoys this!

Next is the roasted suckling pig
(See I told ya about the pig...)

The reason why I'm comfortably taking the pictures,
is cause my neighbors are doing the same too =P

The rest are seated and start feasting on the pig

My neighbors niece and nephew...
Aren't they cute~?!

I was messing around with the suckling pig,
while waiting for the other dishes...

Alright, enough of fooling around...
The other dishes then suddenly arrive kinda fast,
then we had to eat fast (before 8pm that is)

These were the remaining dishes =)

We had fun eating, sharing and chit chatting too!

Not to forget there's some beer and red wine,
provided along with the dinner =D

Look at the happy faces! =D

Then finally came the dessert at the end...
Sweet and cold!

Everyone enjoys the last bit of dinner before departing off...

So that's all on Chinese New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner!
This is Jeffro, and ...

Imma leaving you while happily going off with my
ANG PAO (translate: Red Packet)


  1. After reading this I just realized this is the first CNY (i think) that I haven't ate yee sang, suckling pig, shark fin soup and all those chinesey new year foods. @@

  2. @Stephy-nie:
    hahaha.. Well skip one year only.. don't worry next year got lobster! :P