Monday, February 01, 2010

Suresh's Birthday

A couple of weeks back, Suresh invited me to his 21st birthday party at his uncle's place in Shah Alam. My gosh, the place was at a corner lot and it was BIG! In fact, all the houses in that area were big! I got lost for a while when looking for the correct one. Enough of that, let's move on with the birthday ya?

The birthday cake! =D

Yeapz there were many camera!
This wasn't inclusive of mine =P

The bloggers table!

The people from the Blogger's table~! =D
They enjoyed themselves pretty much *winks*

The other table was Suresh's friends

And the remaining tables (more than 4) belonged to
Suresh's relatives
(Each table fitted about 10 people, that's how big the porch is)

This is the house! Big or not?

But surprisingly the guard dogs were fast asleep despite
having so many people around...
I suspect they were drugged by Suresh,
so that they remained quiet...
(Somewhat like the dog in Sherlock Holmes,
named GLAD-STONED *it's a cold joke*)

David and Hsu Jen had to leave early though...
After makan, they lari (translate: run) (=.=")

OKAY I got a confession to make!
I LOVE ...

until I forgot to take picture of the food =(


There was another birthday celebration...
Apparently it was a 2 in 1 celebration,
where Suresh and his younger brother did both their birthdays
that night!

Sang the birthday song, with lotsa camera's snapping around!

Time to cut the cake and get fed! =D
The next time I have a celebration, I want all the girls to feed up...
With mouth! *grins*

And then it was Suresh's turn!

Why were the girls so happy?

It's cause...

Suresh got this!
It's a tradition for all 21st's boys/girls...
If you wanna hold a party, you gotta be sporting enough...

Even Alex got CREAMED! =P

What's a celebration without this thing-a-majic?
The kids were popping it every now and then!

It was grandma's time to feed the birthday boy the cake!
I believe that's their tradition in Suresh's family

And guess what???!!!
Suresh got fingered by his grandpa!!
I think Suresh loved that =P

Check out the reaction yo!

I think she was his sister

and this is the younger brother who celebrated his earlier!

best thing was Suresh's younger brother, took away Suresh's
Now poor Suresh has to bring his brother everywhere...
Imagine Suresh going into the Casino,
he'll have to bring his brother to show to the guards..
LOL! *inside joke*

The happy couple...

Oh yeah, nearly forgotten about this!
Suresh's Uncle's place was so big, a part of his garden had this!

Alright, that's all on Suresh's Birthday!
Well, normally I'd do this alone, but it's gonna be different
actually i kena kacau (translate: disturbed/bothered)
(kidding, girl)
I have a guest with me!

So everyone!!
Say goodbye to Jeffro and Hitomi =D
over and out!


  1. @Wo Shi Nicole:
    Thanks.. =D

    yeah.. i wished you were there too, more people to talk to.. =)

  2. @Curryegg:
    hehehe.. yeah, it was warm (literally too)

  3. Suresh got fingered by his grandpa and he likes it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! WTF!!!!

  4. @WenPink:
    hahaha.. yeah weih.. =P