Saturday, February 13, 2010

Siew Mei's Birthday!

25th January is one of the few very important dates to me - it's the day of my best friend's birthday! So on the very day itself, I came up with a last minute plan to celebrate her birthday, at snowflakes! A place of which I had promised to bring her to try out! And it turns out, SHE LIKES IT! =D

Siew Mei with the Birthday "Cake"

Siew Mei amazed for the UFO and the looks of the dessert bowl =D

Originally this was what I had, before putting in the real candles..
teehee *grins*

She looks darn funny trying to blow out those candles!
Look at the distance! and her face! LOL

And you think we were alone there huh?
Since we were in the neighbourhood, I decided to call along
my two other pals from the area...
Sherry and Samuel =D

Sherry who's easily tempted by sweet stuffs.. =D

"Now your turn, EAT that!"

Yeapz the flames were big...
In fact even bigger than that!

Siew Mei was delighted!
Not only she didn't mind celebrating her birthday with not so familiar faces..
(well she knew Samuel, but just got to know Sherry that night)
but she likes the whole idea...!

So happy birthday to her!
And I'll have to think of another kind of celebration
the next time around!

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