Saturday, September 04, 2010

Celebration of Death!

Wootza! It's finally over! I'm outta college! We 'brought down' and 'killed' our final semester, finishing off all the papers! FREEDOM! *takes a deep breathe* Ahhhhh... Never felt better! =D

It's over!

Say bye-bye college, HELLO WORLD!
A picture of our class - the last to leave the exam hall

We were goofing around, trying to realize the It's-Finally-Over-moment

While others were snapping pictures as memories,
before some of us leave for hometown...

Here's a last look of the exam hall...
The hours we spent here,
the papers we sat here,
the "amazing" moments we witness here,

all came to an end here...
NOPE! We moved on =P

We went to yumcha and have lunch!
like duh! A hungry man's gotta fill up his tummy!
especially after those long hours enduring those papers...

the Bitch (peach) tea!
Julian said it was so good, he'd wanna another cup of Bitch

Everyone made their order and waited patiently for the meals to arrive...

As we wait, we were all jabbering away about everything,
and at the same time, talked about plans for gathering =)
Then, food finally came!

Awesome meal, no?
Beancurd, Pork, Lamb, Sotong (not sure whether there was beef)
we had them all!
Sorry a little lazy to name all of them respectively,
it's been a long day after all =P

Stoo-peed *shakes head* Fella

This donkey wouldn't allow me to take a picture of his food,
and made me wait for mine (similar dish) which came 5 minutes later
Not that it's a problem...
just wanted an excuse to flame him =P

After this yumcha session, I quickly hurried home for a change
and headed to Victoria's Birthday Get-together at Garden's

Then, later that night, joined another yumcha session...
What was supposedly to be a supper together, turned out into:
TalkCockSession → CyberCafeSession → BreakfastSession

Yaah mahn, it was from 11pm at night, to the very next morning 6.30am!
I was Zombified!

And that's how a celebration is done! =P

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