Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Dinner Together to Bid Farewell

We weren't sure as to when we're gonna have a reunion again, for the intake of UC3F0911ITP, so we decided to hold one few days before raya, just a day before our dear friend, Ouzair heads back to Mauritius... It was also to celebrate our graduation from college (well, not officially graduating, but yeah still works the same =P). Unfortunately, not everyone could attend the dinner as some had to head home earlier than expected. Luckily, most of us were there! =) We had a great dinner together, full of chit chats and laughter, along with a great buffet for all of us... We were so full that night, we couldn't move much by the end of the day...

We were there early to score a good parking site...
and went around randomly taking pictures...
I took out my compact camera, switched to sunset mode and voila!

But when it's back to auto mode, I got this instead...
Wasn't really what I was opting for, but I like the details of the clouds though =)

Yea I guess this is pretty obvious where we had our dinner...
But not quite right, in fact, we had our dinner at the next building,
Sunway Pyramid Tower's Atrium Cafe =D

I like this ornament =)

The food weren't that all great, BUT
IT WAS GOOD ENOUGH TO SATISFY each and every one of hungry stomachs!
The amount of meat we took, especially Lamb!
I tell you, that's 1 week (at least) worth of exercise!

Us guys eating, fooling around and enjoying every moment..

Yeah, snapping picture as well =P

This girl is to be given an applause,
she's one of the sporting girls I know, who attends most of our gatherings..
Jusprith is a name not to forget xD

Oh just so to let you know, she's the only girl (again)
at this dinner, hahaha

Hahaha more pictures of us fooling around, during and after our meals =P

there were 16 of us!!
Yesh, as the others have said, it was a GANGBANG! =P

And soon enough it was time for us to take group pictures
I think the sephia has its take on giving a better feel =)

Thereafter, we all headed home...

AND WE GOT UP LIKE 5AM the next freaking morning!!!

We were on the road by 6am,
on the way to the airport...

look what I saw in the back seat?
and I thought I was blur due to the early time of the day...
Took this picture just to make sure =P

We were at Burger Kings, but we didn't order anything...
Just sat there, chatting and laughing away, also yawning a little =P
What?? We got home the night before at midnight, and
woke up the next morning at 5am, what you expect? xD

Then, it was time for Ouzair to head off...
*sobs* Another friend leaving...
*being dramatic* heart says don't go, but mind had no choice but to let go...
(Gosh that sounded gay!)

One last group picture before, he boards the plane...

Oh oh, did I mention we were planning to obstruct his journey?
We wanted to tell the officers around, that there's a man
who wants the hijack the soon-to-land plane,
and had brought the following items along:

We wanted to call him to say,
"Yo Ouzair, you forgot your [item name from above]..."

If you don't know who I was talking about since the beginning,
well this is Ouzair =)

We'll miss you buddy!
Take care, and I hope to see ya again soon...
by then we'll have another eating-chatting-laughing session again!
All the best in whatever you do ya! =)


  1. @Dylan:
    yah man, because of the quantity of a liquid - terrorist may switch the toothpaste into a liquid bomb, which at the same amount can blast an entire plane out of the sky o.O