Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome Me Powershot Into Me Family!

Yeah I've just made a new addition to my "Family'" First there was BabyShanon, then there's BabyCEOS and BabyLumix'E; and now there's "her"!!!

BabyPasgo! *hearts*
(Do not question my naming convention =P)

But before I show you more of BabyPasgo,
Here's to show you my other "family members":

BabyShanon (source:
unfortunately she broke down a year ago...
haven't been able to use her since =(
*but I'm still keeping her, 'cause she's my first!*

BabyCeos *sobs*
I had to "give her away", due to some personal matters...

my second compact =)
but shared with my sis and me...
I like Lumix'E 'cause of her recording capabilities =D

*drum rolls* Presenting you, Baybeeee Pasgo!!!

Nope it's not brand new OOTB (out of the box)
but it's been well taken of by the previous owner...
whom I've just bought it from =P

Everything looks new eh?

Front view

Side view

Top view

Back view

Hehehe, that's all for now!
She's doing pretty fine now =)
"I'm gonna take good care of her, from now on..."
That's what I said the moment I got it in my hands!

I did many testing, even tried out couple of shots
Well, I'm satisfied with it =D
I have no complaints at all, hehehe!

Here's a sample shot

Shot this out of one of the Sunway Pyramid Tower's windows
Click here for a larger view
Picture Info:

Shutter Speed:1/125s
Aperture: f/8
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 23mm
Flash: None
White Balance: Auto


  1. wow~ bro, you've got so many 'savvy family members' eh?? envy ler^^

  2. @Lisa717:
    Thanks! This is only what I could afford so far... Each have their own special feature of which I like a lot =)