Sunday, September 05, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

I promised mum that I'll have my room cleaned up! Well, I say that every semester for the past 2-3 years, and finally after my finals... I fulfilled that promise! Btw, FYI I do clean up my room every semester, just that I've been piling them up in a certain corner... WHAT??!! I still make it look clean ma! Don't give me that look! *annoyed*

NO! This is not how my room looks like every semester!
This is how my room looks like during the period of
assignment+FYP+exams rush hour =(

This is how things look like when I really start cleaning up!
Time to get messy!

Box of college notes: 1st Year to 3rd (Final) Year

Darth Vader Cup
*Jeng, Jeng, Jeng, Jeng Jeng Jeng, Jeng Jeng Jeng*
Found an awesome cup somewhere in my cupboard =D

This was from Astro B.yond's Bloggers Night

Look what I got from London?!

WenPink sent me a card when she was on holiday!
How thoughtful of her! *hugs* Thanks WenPink!

Got this from Nuffnang's Halloween Party!

Stuffs everywhere

A box that contains random stuffs:
Box of chocolate (seriously, just the box), Spray Paint Canister,
Pencil Box, CD Cases, etc

[left] Pile of diskettes
[right] SlipKnot's Badge!

Look what else I found?
Classic Sony Discman!
Damn old-school yo!
Best thing is it STILL functions!

Hahaha, also my long abandoned Nokia 3315
Unfortunately, I think the chip is blown,
can't start up even with charged batteries

Memories from secondary school, miss 'em schoolmates! =)

Abacus from back when I used to take up Mental Arithmetic
Was a pretty darn good student *Stand proud*

Oh Ya! I've got stuffs to give away too!
I found them, and have no use for them...
So if you want any of them, do let me know!

Condition: Good, if not great
  1. Nokia Bluetooth Headset (full box package)
  2. Glossy Photo Blank Prints (x5)
  3. Aztech 56k Modem (full box package)


Okay, back to my "findings" from cleaning:

Found a promotional game CD...
Is it me, or does it sounds fishy to you?

Name tags!
Don't play-play, I used to be the strictest and
fiercest Pengawas (translate: prefect)!

Do you know who that cute and good looking kid is?
See poser since young! =P

Multiple plug sockets! A whole bunch of them!

I found GOLD in the midst of my cleaning!
*feels lucky!*

Those are the stack of unused papers (white, colored, with lines, etc)
I need not worry about papers xD

Yes people it's been hard work to clean up my entire room!

See that? They were all over the floor...
That's proof of my efforts in tidying up the room!
Now can a fellow get a round of applause??
Guess not =( So not supportive la you!

Anyhoo, After several hours of sorting, arranging and cleaning up,
I'm finally done!!

CLEANED! Everything's back in order! =D
Neat and Clean!
*Feels utmost satisfaction*

As a reward to myself,
I think I deserve something nice and chilled...

Yeah baby!
Nice cool bottle of beer!
and I got Kampai Ice too! =P


  1. my room gets messy towards the end of the semester too. haha! but i just love to clean up. haha!!!!!

  2. @Dylan:
    hehehe.. i only like the clean results.. i hate the process :P

  3. eh you supposed to gimme the bluetooth headset wan leh. remember? *stares*

  4. @Stephy-nie:
    serious?? O.o ok ok, then i'll have to tell my friend it's been reserved... Apologies, my memories aren't that good =(

  5. haha. aiyo. since you've already say wanna give your fren then give only lah then. You'll hafta gimme something else to ganti then XD

  6. @stephy-nie:
    Nah it's alright, I keep my word, my friend will understand, he's not that eager for it anyways =)