Saturday, September 04, 2010

Victoria Poh's Birthday Get-together!

Cant say it's a party, or a birthday bash... So the closest would be a get-together! =P Samuel messaged me a day before, reminding me of Vic's birthday. Back then, I was busy revising and studying my arse off a troublesome module (which was also the last paper). So what kept me motivated was that the fact I'll be celebrating Vic's birthday in conjunction with my end-of-college-misery celebration! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIC!

As many of Victoria's friend/colleague could not make it,
hence you see the few of us only

The peeps at our table!

The man of honor and his lady xD

You're thinking this is the birthday girl, right?
Nope, you're wrong! She's not!

[left] Close, but still not her...
[right] DEFINITELY not her =P

So who can it be? Well, you'll see in a moment
How does she look like? Ahh, good question, my friend

Take a good look!

Now that's the birthday girl! =P

A closer look of the birthday girl

Birthday girl and her birthday 'hat'

4-Horns Birthday Girl

HAHAHAHA, So how did she get wasted?
Check out the following video!
(the audio seemed to have sync issues,
not sure why)

and then you add it up with

'tower of doom'
(don't worry we're all legal, despite someone's SIZE =P)
*runs away*

Samuel downs the first pine...

Goes socializing...
What is he doing there?!

Jackie has his serving too =D

We even ordered a second tower!

and Sam continues... =P

OH btw, if you watched the video earlier,
and if you're wondering what the last image was:

Well, it's my leftover Lasagna
it so filled with too much cheese (not of those that taste good anyways)
and made me gave up on it
Plate cost RM20, I think I ate RM15 there =P

This is Jackie's camera! Cool looking eh?

That was what was in front of Jackie:
Blackberry, Compact Camera, Pine of Beer

Oh oh oh! I saw this in my camera...
At first I thought I saw wrongly, due to over-flashed shot

At first it looked like this:

Not suitable for minors =P

But in fact, when I corrected it, it was actually just:

A goodbye hug...

Yeap, that's the end of it, guys!
Thanks for reading all the way through...

And once again I'd like to wish Victoria,
and may everything go as planned =)


  1. wow!!!!!
    great bday pics!!!
    I'm sure you guys have lotsa fun!!

  2. @Lisa:
    Thanks! We did have some fun, even though it's a short time together =)

  3. @Hitomi:
    hahaha, once a year ma :P hehehe