Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Shoes!

I've upgraded myself to Admiral! Hahaha, well I used to have a pair of Converse-walkabouts, but due to heavy usage to do everything else except walking, it went to the rubbish bin! *sobs* So after several years (I believe I'm mature enough to get another pair =P), I decided to get a replacement - but no longer Converse / North Star (School kids stuff *grins*), I gotten myself a pair of Admiral's!


Can you believe it that I'm a size 8?
While most of my other shoes are of size 9 or 10...
Admiral packs a bigger size than expected, haha!

Another look at my proud-of new shoes =D

Alright enough of my new shoes,
I'm pretty sure you'll be sick of it,
if I'd show you anymore
(Oh yes, there's more! =P)

Just not to spoil your mood, here's something I saw the other night:

Oh that's no dirt above the moon crest...
It's actually a bright start and the moon crest...
Unfortunately my compact camera couldn't capture what I saw...
But this will do!

What'd ya think?


  1. U make me feel like getting a pair of new shoes too. Arghh....
    Need to save for my vacation.

  2. @Ken:
    hahaha! I love shoes, but only get the ones I'll wear out =) If I had the money, I'd get collector's item instead!

    These? Actually, these are cheap, Rm39.90! There's also the leather-like materials for ten bucks extra! =)