Thursday, July 23, 2009

GG in college!

This was sometime back. Well, I just found the picture, so apologies on the late post up. See a bunch of us were in college, and were lazy to take the stairs up. So we waited for the lift instead. Apparently, we eventually decided to take the stairs. Why? Well, the lift was full, darn it. Just when that happens, I noticed a sign for all of us who were lazy.

Really GG..


  1. Hahaha,I searched college blogspot and found this, and I just gotta say this post is hilarious!
    The MiniFridge and Microwave

  2. hahaha by the way i've been sending you the same comment again and again cause I didn't realize moderation was on sorry about that! =P

  3. @Chris:
    thanks! =) glad to hear it.. =D

    no worries on the repeated comment.. i'm alright with it.. =D