Thursday, July 02, 2009

What I almost forgot about... [Part 1]

Date: 26th May 2009
Event: Terminator Screenings by Nuffnang

Yeah, dated a while back but better late than never right? =)

Well, knowing that I have a habit of being early for anything, I was there with WenPink walking around... I took the opportunity to snap some a few shots of the place (though it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be). Not long after the shots, that we met up with the rest...

An evening view of the Curve

Another shot of the Curve

The 2 girls

Bernard's doing the StarTrek-thingy

Lil'Cicak, Jacquelyn, JLoi,
YennieDoll, Bernard, WenPink

Then we all headed to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner,before going for the movies =)

The dinner gang... =)

Terminator 4 - Salvation

I'd say the movie was alright..
a 7/10 from me...
It was all good in effects - explosions, mechanics, CGIs
but I personally don't like the storyline and the fact that
there was a problem with role-playing - seems to me that
the main character was not even outstanding at all...
Oh well, it's just my opinion..
For those who haven't watched it, well you'll find out later...


  1. So cool that u gt the tickets to the Terminator premier o!!!

  2. @Lisa:
    Well was lucky to have gotten the tix.. You should try out for the upcoming movie screenings.. =)