Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Problem and More Problems?

Well some of you may know that I'm currently working on my final year project proposal. So does my work go around? Well to start off, I'm suppose to research on issues that are occuring in my current field of studies, and work out a solution for it. At this point, I'm stuck! Why? My PROBLEM now is finding a PROBLEM in my own field.. O_O|||

So while trying to sort out what I could research on, my bunch of friends (my fellow classmates) came up with loads of random abbreviations and meanings. LOL, don't ask me how we got to that topic, I don't even remember. So here goes nothing:

"I wanna create a system that finds problems within a system"

"A program that finds problems, if not, make new ones"

"Ooo.. so it's a Problem Explorer? [from Solution Explorer]"

"Well 'File' will be replaced with 'Problem' so that you can open,
create new, and save it" (LOL)

"Then, there's TROUBLEshooting =)"

"Hmmm... Built using what? PHP - Pretty Huge Problem?
[from Hypertext Pre-Processor], or ASP - Another Stupid Problem
[from Active Server Pages]? Wait wait...
How about VB - Visual Broblem? (Yes visually problematic)
[from Visual Basic]"

"hahaha, design it with PS - ProblemShop [from Photoshop] and
Problem Studio 2008 [from Visual Studio 2008]?"

"LOL, all these put together and Wow,
it's like a Creative Problem (CP) 4 [from Creative Suite 4]"

Yes, we're problematic kids..
instead of finding problems to get solutions..
we're the background to our problems..



  1. confusing ==' interesting blog ^^

  2. @BabySiiaOzz:
    haha.. well it's a random thing.. hehe.. glad ya like it.. =)

    hahaha.. my bunch of friends sure are.. =)