Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday in Advance to Annie!

Got back from Annie's Advance Birthday Dinner cum her grandparents 50th anniversary... Cool ei? Was invited personally by the birthday girl herself. So kinda proud of it, normally I received a relayed message from the birthday person through my friends. So yeah, IMMA PROUD! *grins*

Unfortunately, Im rather broke this time around. Have not been earning a cent lately, so I could only afford to offer her the following pictures of her birthday dinner as a gift... Hope she doesn't mind. FYI, this is a personal blog post for you, Annie... =)

Happy Birthday Annie!

The pretty birthday girl, Annie

I like her stunning dress..
Very, very.. what's that word?
Vintage? Ahhh.. I don't know..
But it's nice.. =)

For the first time, I was early and I wasn't alone!
MC Yap and SuVei was there with me too...

Not forgetting CS.Lin =)

[Left] I met EeLeng again, after so many years of not seeing her..
The last I saw her was 4 years ago.. back then she was still in Form 1..
Boy has she grown up - more mature, not to mention prettier.. =)
[Right] A picture of her eating the chicken, although it seems to me
that it's more like she's sucking
kissing it.. *grins*

The other guys that came 2 hours later..
Ganesh and Vishnu...
Ish ish ish, Truly Malaysians..

We were kindly offered by the host..
But sadly, it only became a display for us..
because it was too beautiful to open it..
Nah, we simply didn't want to waste it..

Instead this is what we resolved to..
Cups of ice-chilled soya bean.. =)

This was her birthday "cake" or should I say "cakes"?
They're all small cute little cupcakes actually..

I forgot who was this from,
but it certainly look good...
Hope Annie likes it too =)

I took a "brisk walk" around the house (first time ma)
and look what I saw...
It's nothing out of the norm, rather something expected
within a traditional chinese house..
I took a quick peek at his tiles, but I don't know what they meant..
Yesh Imma epic phailed chinese guy =P

Don't know what happened while I was gone,
but Colbie seemed to be giving out a smirk...
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something weird..
KarMun told me that's she my girlfriend..
And the best thing, I just only found out about that!
What a surprise ei?
But no, it ain't true, it's their scandal,
and I'm enjoying it.. =P
"awwwhh come come, jeffro sayang sayang k?"
"janganlah merajuk..."

Alright, so here's the happy couple celebrating their
50th Anniversary!
How sweet... Gosh, if I were ever to be in a relationship,
I don't know how it'll last that long...
I can't bear to imagine that...

These folks love pichas...
I have a bunch of pichas, thanks to them..

Then, it's birthday girl's time!

Close up on the cakes... =)

Our gang, well not all,
but good news, this time around,
(she's 3rd from left)

The girls from Annie's side..

Yes, the girls are showing me their cupcakes..
LOL.. that sounded awfully wrong did it?

Annie's friend...
Couldn't really approach them to talk,
they SPEE-ARK no english to me..

Game Time!
[Left] Quick-ones-wins-a-prize
[Right] Lucky-number-wins-a-prize

LOL.. I won myself cup with spoon!
Not because of the lucky 2, but because of the pictures
you have seen till now.. =)

Everybody in picha!

"Yum~~~~~ Siiing!!"

To happy that you're speechless?
I don't know about that...
But as long as there's a smile, it's good news for me..

Even this couple was happy!
Well of course they are!
Anniversary ma!

Yeah, when I left the place,
there was still a big crowd there...

So again, I wish ya, a Happy Birthday to Annie!


  1. Fuyoh~~~
    what a great celebration with Bday+anniversary in one big family!!!

    Oouchhh..feeling homesick now~ Missing my family and relatives as well~~ Unfortunately, I could only fly back to meet them nez year on CNY~.~

    The lil bingo game toy looks so much fun cool to have such toy where we can a small game session with it!!

    It's good to meet "long-time-no-see" friend!! Even I will be superb excited if there's gathering with my old schmates!!

    Phew..ur post really made me recall lotsa memory not oni with my family bt friends as well!!

    What a well written post!! *thumbs up* Keep up the good work bro~ *hugz*

  2. @Lisa:
    yeah.. a good idea of a two in one.. =) hehe glad I was invited..

    awwwh.. *hugs* it's normal to feel homesick.. sometimes even when i chill out at my friend's place, i feel that especially seeing his/her home so warm with family love.. =)

    hehe.. it's the small games that brings ppl together the easiest way.. you should try it too.. =P

    thanks alot liz, will do better in the future.. =D *hugs*

  3. hey, jeff, I love the effort that u putting in getting these photos framed up.. they are really nice.. Thankie! It's ok, as long as u showed urself in the party, this's edi enough to make my day :) of course not forgetting others, I'm really appreciate and happy that everyone is willing to spare their time with me.. I'm so touched! oh ya, the wine is for u guys.. should have opened it and bottom it up.. we bought 2 boxes of these..
    eh, text me when u are free to meet up ya.. I'm still owing u a lunch/yam cha.. My aunt like you a lot lo.. die die wanna drag u to yam cha.. hehe :) still remember what she said in the party right.. haha..
    k la, see ya soon :) and thanks for coming!♥

  4. @Ann:
    Awwwh.. thanks ya! Well thanks for the invitation - was really good.. haha.. the wine is actually for us? well can keep first.. we'll have it the next time *winks*

    Well no worries on the yamcha/lunch, i take it as a joke back then.. Your aunt's really nice and friendly.. =)Send my regards to her ya.. will text ya soon.. most probably will be free over the weekend.. Nonetheless, will contact ya soon.. =D