Saturday, July 11, 2009

What I almost forgot about... [Part 2]

Continuation from [Part 1]

Date: 6th June 2009
Event: StandOut by Nuffnang
and Tiger

Yes another backdated post.. bear with me ya.. =P

Alright, let's get on with it already. Was lucky to get the invitation from WenPink to tag along. When I thought we'd be the few of the earliest, well, it seems that plenty were early too, just that they were hanging around here and there.

So what next? Pictures, pictures and more pictures! LOL.

SimonSeow impersonating SeowLang & Robb as the White Angel

There were already plenty of nuffnangers there,
even though it's early...

Check out Insp. Gadget with his girl

[Left] JianQuin was the first to be listed as the early bird
[Right] Yeah, HolyCow! was there too =)

The Nuffnang crew

YeeHou's Close-up-Beggar-shot

This is Me with WenPink

When TianChad and his sister arrived, with a long-and-mini cow...
We ambushed him =)

Then it was turning dark, and when we noticed it, almost everyone else had arrived. Some came in with seriously unexpected outfit (like you've never expected anything like it) and some came in with super OUTSTANDING outfit.

The moment WenPink changed into Wen-"분홍색"
(분홍색 is pronounced as PuNongSek, means Pink)
Haha.. Actually the only word I know in Korean is "Sarangheyo"

I wished so..
But then again both of them are taken.. =P

We're StandOuts! =)

Apparently Diese swam all the way from Penang..

Guess who won the most outstanding award?
Hint: It was a Pork

Just when I thought there was a hot policewoman
coming to bust our arse out of the club,
it turns out to be SuAnn-in-disguise-as-CeceliaChung
Took me a while before I figured out who she was..

[Left] Met Anne there, glad to know she's doing well...
Oh she graduated recently... Good news ei? =)
[Right] Ah, yes, the french version of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz..
This is Zoe or rather Frorothy-with-mustache..
Dun worry, even so with the
mustache, we still love you..

Half way through the night, I fled away from the crowd
alongside with PamSong and Jan-E for a drink..
And then they had a sudden craze for ice cream..
Picture proves it all.
[@Pam: Sorry haven't been visiting ya blog lately,
don't worry, will visit soon]

Well that's all from me on the StandOut...

Well, if you're wandering why I don't have pictures at all on what's going on inside, it's because my camera couldn't snap much of a clear picture back then. No external flash to help out, thus couldn't get a decent shot of what's happening. Apologies for that. But no worries, you can find see almost on any other blogger's post.. =)

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  1. some of them, really stand out!!!!!

  2. @Xijon89:
    Yeah.. and that's why they won cool prizes including Armani Belts, Coach handbag, and not to forget toilet brush.. :P