Thursday, July 23, 2009

Graphic Card Dieded...

Ladies and gentlemen, it's official, I'm sad to announce that at 12.30am last night, my loyal piece of hardware that has been serving me for the past half a decade has deceased. It was tough, but it was time for it to go. Rest In Peace dear graphic card of mine.

Alright enough of all those sad talks. Life has to go on. And now I'm surviving on integrated graphics, one thing which I hate the most, since it never performs up to my standard. Nevermind that. So, I took a shot of the deceased graphic card, and here's what messed up:

Model: ATI Radeon X1300 PCI-E
Age: 5 years
Usage: Minor gaming, average visual editing, watch movies
Problem: Aged and busted capacitors

Behold the X1300

A close up on the busted components

Garrrhhh.. Now I need a new graphic card..

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