Thursday, July 02, 2009


A nickname labelled on me by my fellow friends. Why? They think I've been hanging out with too many girls *coughs* HOT ones *coughs* lately. LOL. What an overstatement for me. The truth is that I had been hanging out with PEOPLE (boys and girls) in the recent times, but some people just being themselves only want to see and hear what they desire, only saw me with the girls. Hence the nickname.

I wish I was an actual womanizer. Then, at least, I wouldn't be bored-to-almost-death with my work cum studies. Most people would have noticed by now, that I was suddenly active chilling out and spending time with friends this few months - this is in fact a reason to escape for the grasp of work-exhaustion. But these few weeks, I've actually stopped for the obvious reason - wanna concentrate on my work again.

But thinking about that nickname, it doesn't sound that all bad on me. Hey better womanizer than manizer (for man, i think? LOL) right? At least it gives a hint to everyone that I'm DARN STRAIGHT and "active"... wtf LOL. You may ignore the latter =P

"Womanizer, woman-womanizer, Imma
Oh, womanizer, oh Imma womanizer baby
I, I-Imma, I, I-Imma
Womanizer, womanizer, womanizer"


  1. womanizer works both ways, ladies, and guys.

  2. @Cedric:
    Really? I've no idea on that.. But thanks! So im a womanizer eh? LOL

  3. muahahaha...wat a funky nickname u gt there^^ yawor..agree with u too..we may hang out with frenz to release ourselves frm work-exhaustion^^ anyway, good luck to you too my dear bro in ur work^^

  4. hoho... still being misunderstood like last time? isk isk isk... pity you.. they don't know you well like me! lol

  5. @Lisa:
    Haha.. yeah.. friends' nicknaming days are not over yet.. =) thanks ya! You too, have fun at work!

    haha.. normal la.. cant run away from that fact.. =) awwwh.. of course, u know me better ma.. =D

    hahaha.. Yah man.. Imma womanizer.. Are you?