Friday, July 24, 2009

Nuffnang Movie Screenings - Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Got back from the movie screenings a while back. Thought of doing the quick post up on this, as I think I would not have the time to do so later. Plus there aren't that many pictures, so it's alright.

It was really jam on the way there, well not because of the cars, but because of the police traffic officers. Tell ya, it was really crap, at one point, one of the officers forgotten about our lane, until somebody honk to remind him. Darn it, wasted like 10 minutes there. So while waiting, I took a picture of this, unfortunately the sun kinda disappeared from my picture. LOL.

I kinda like this shot for some unknown reason

Then, met with others at the location, Charms Cafe to have dinner with them. Took a few pictures of people and food. People good, food average only.

[Left] Cendol that Jac shared with me.. =)
[Right] Soupy Pan Mee for me, was okay-lah

Jac, Nigel, JLoi

Samantha, Suresh, WenPink

Jess, CWKen & girlfriend

Some sort of camera-war was going on xD

After dinner, we head into the hall for the show. Movie actually started on time, quite the surprise for all of us, because we kinda missed the first few minutes of laughter.

I must say this movie has a very good combination of humor and romance. Love the way the story was plotted. Loads of unexpected scenes that hypes up the show. Laughter is guaranteed, and also a number of touching scenes. Characters chosen were great. Love this movie! Simple yet great!

My ratings: 10/10
for family, comedy or romance movie.

You gotta watch it, and not miss it at all!

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  1. LOL camera warrrr!!! :P
    thanks again yeah~~ i hope ur draft proposal is greaaaat :)

  2. @WenPink:
    hahaha yeah.. xD
    No probs ler, and you're welcome.. :)
    Yeah.. hopefully it'll be great.. :D