Sunday, May 09, 2010

Jamie's Birthday - Pink Party!

I was lucky to be invited to Jamie's Pink Party cum Splendid 18th! Held at her own place, we enjoyed our time there, with food and drinks (and by drinks, I don't mean it's just juice and kids' drink, I'm talking about 'Big people's drink' - "Chinese Tea"~). It's been a while since I was last with my camera (running around snapping pictures) surprisingly I think I've gotten used to not taking shots or moments, rather I was really getting the hang of just sitting back and enjoying the moments.

I love this picture!
Pink FTW~

Here's another shot coming from Jamie's camera

A shot of the birthday cake
(Pictures I took, are using my phone,
so pardon the quality)

The sweet lovely birthday girl, JamieLiew =)

We pop a couple of these sweethearts xD

SimonSo, SandraWong, JosephLee
Jamie and Me!

SimonSo, ZoeYve, SandraWong and Me!

The alco-addict and me, LOL
It's seems only fair, since she drank many cups...
And to imagine she firstly declined a whole bottle,
pffft, they're all the same, first say "Nooo.."
then they go "I want more~"

Hahaha... I don't have anymore pictures...
But you can catch them at the birthday girl's,
JamieLiew's Blog - 9th Of May

"thank you Sandra Lee, Sandra Wong, Darren, Zhong, Yao, Kai, Bun, Bitto, Emest, Thong Kai, Kaye, Sin Yin, Carmen, Afina, Aaron, Ben, Jason Chiam, Ah PoP, Simon, Chee Wei and girlfriend, Jone, Shep, Wei Lee, John, Nic, Xun Hao, Yau, Xiang, Zoe, William, Jeffro, Yernny, Keng Sein, Ee Quin, Yee Jin, Lionel, Adam, Suzuki, Howard, Samantha, Yee Cow, Bryan, Anne, Leonard." (Jamie Liew, 2010)

Till next time, this is Jeffro
wishing everyone a great week ahead!

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