Saturday, May 29, 2010

It Was Sam's Birthday!

Yeah, it was, 22th (exactly a week ago) was his birthday. Birthday party held at his place, and amazingly about 30 people (mostly friends - college, ex-schoolmates and bloggers) or more came and celebrated together. Back then I didn't have a camera with me, so couldn't go around snapping pictures with just my phone (it'd be darn slow if I were to do it). So this is just a belated birthday post for Samuel xD

Check out the home-made cake by Audrey, Sam's sister
That's a lot of effort yo!

We spend great times there...
Playing games, card games, watching people getting punished...
Drinking and eating away =D
Wonderful evening indeed!

This was the reason we had have of what we ate (more than half I guess)
Fried Chicken Wings!
other than this, was spaghetti (hot item!), some food-balls,
and sandwiches =D

Party ended a little early though, by 12.30 or so almost everyone was gone..
I stayed till later, that's why it's called a party! =P
Well, there ain't anymore pictures to speak about...
You'll be hearing more about me and some new stuffs in the next post!


  1. hahaha thx jeff =D i shall steal the rainbow pic lol

  2. @Seraph:
    No probs bro! =D hehehe