Monday, May 10, 2010

Networking Lab Session @ College

Finally, I got a chance to do some hands-on work. But it's only so called hands-on, truth is, there weren't enough equipment for us. So most of us (including me) were just plain standing/sitting around waiting for further instructions. Whatever it was, alas we have practical sessions (even though they are not related to any of our assignments or exams or even final year project - seriously, I don't get the point of it), in college!!!

The dedicated lecturer and diligent student =D
He's explaining what each command means,
and when it should be used

My classmates doing their thing, looking professional techies
(the guy furthest behind isn't doing much,
but he was asked to make an appearance xD)

The lecturer does a demo...

Then, it's the student's turn to do his job
(actually he's just looking at it... but it depends on what is said right?
Hehehehe xD)

Check it out! 1 switch, 3 routers...
"We just might die from radiation" said one of my classmates

Lecturer and student crimping the wires carefully...

This is how the wires were initially arranged...
(I believe it's not the proper the sorting yet)

Check the equipments out!
Cisco stuffs yo!

Another bunch of Cisco stuffs...

Here's a mate who's busy getting the equipments working...
My guess is that he's configuration the IOS and settings...

2600 and 3600 series...
Old stuffs, I hear *shrugs*
But it's new to me! (I haven't "touch" it before)

High end PCs for networking
(Honestly I don't understand why these high end PCs were used,
Quad Cores, 8GB Ram, Good Graphics... For?
I don't recall networking to be so high end *shrugs*
There goes our money)

Nothing's perfect, especially if you're not careful in crimping the wires..
*coughs* this was the BIG GUY's fault *coughs*
Here's a device to show whether or not the both ends of
a straight wire is consistent.
Apparently it's not, see the lights are at different positions?
It means Wire1 and Wire2 are in wrong positions at one of the ends..

When one of the routers are not functioning properly,
we tried checking them out, guess what we saw?
"There's no way to setup ..."
let's read that again...
"There's no way to setup ..."
Ohhh, that clearly explains it!

Then, in the midst of us doing our work,
this is what one of my classmates was "researching" on...

Other than the equipments, PCs and humans around,
these were the only other stuffs...
My friend said Cisco stuffs suck terribly!!

Then, suddenly!
One of the configuring PC acted on its own...
Well for a high tech institution, their PCs are surely "superb"
I think it's artificial intelligence, where the PC has a mind of its own

I guess it was tired as well (after all, it was like 3 hours of work)
We had no choice, but to stop our operations...
It's disappointing, but to some it was an experience to remember
(Not me though, I couldn't remember anything,
except being hungry most of the time)

Alright so that's all from the networking session!
Hope you enjoyed it! Hehehe,
don't say I didn't bring you on a tour! =P

Here's me giving a falsified "Thumbs up"

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