Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Opinions vs View Points

You'd probably wonder what's the difference? Of course there's a difference. allow me to explain them in a bit. Before doing so, I know there are many of us who have our opinions on how some matters should be handled, but my question to you, what do you do with those opinions? You keep them to yourselves (saving it for a "rainy day" perhaps)? You chuck it aside? You carry forth and make a difference? What do you do?
Alright so as I've mentioned there are differences. Not only literally that they differ from spelling, the letter count, the arrangement, but also the meaning behind them.

Opinion = What you think on a certain matter.
For example, what is your opinion on the newly introduced special coach for women?

View Point = Perspective of a matter.
Ever heard of "From my point of view, ..."?

Still don't get it? Well it's simple, when asked for an opinion, it can be from the same view point, just different ideas/suggestions/thoughts are produced. However, when talking about view points, it's referring to how you see a matter - from what angle of perspective/position/aspect.

In short, when it comes to opinions, you and I would be thinking from the same point of view, just different ideas and from there we could combine or fuse them into a better one. Let's take "Is Internet dangerous?" and we both say 'No' to that statement while giving different reasons (could be similar, or even the exact same answers too, but at one point there'll be differences). When it comes to view points, it'll definitely result in different opinions. For instance, on a matter of "Is stress is good for you?", you'd probably say no and I'll say the opposite.

I hope it's clearer now. It's a very thin line that differs them apart. The next time when someone asks you about your opinions and view points, don't simply rush to conclusion and say it's the same thing. Lollipop and gumballs are candies but they're not the same thing.

So, here's the last question for you, what have you done or what are you going to do about your opinions (whichever that applies)?

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