Sunday, May 02, 2010

I Found My LX-22!

Going through all my old junks (which are scattered all over the house) I found this sweetheart that is easily 3/4 of my age. Been busy lately that I hardly even clean up my working table and such. When I saw this, it's like the feeling of a boy who found his lost toy or a girl who found her lost Mr.Teddy. It's little rusty (on the inside) but I guess if I could clean it I should be able to use it again! Hey this thing's all about manual =P

Behold the almighty LX-22 (Ricoh)

See what I mean?
The batteries there were at least 5 years of age...
Dang, I forgot to remove them =(
Massive damage there

But it still looks neat on the outside! =D

Equipped with self-timer (10s), 35mm lens, built-in flash
It's a pretty good compact back then!

Through the viewfinder!

Ahhh, I wonder what else I can find in my 'stash'
Hehehehe =D

Till next time, Jeffro wishing ya a great week ahead!

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