Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Gadgets & Toys!

Few days ago, I bought myself some new stuffs and also gotten some free ones too!

Yes I own a Panasonic LUMIX now!
hahaha, you know when I said that, some people
thought I'd be getting myself a GF-1, or at least a LX-3
Well, truth is I just needed something to snap pictures of stuffs,
and perhaps record some moments here and there...
And this seemed to be a great bargain! =D

Say hello to Lumix F3, I called it the Fum33x =D
(I know, I'm good with coming up with weird names xD)

Bought a new hard disk as well =D
It's a Samsung 750GB spinning in my Gaming TreeTop now!

But for this two items, well I got them for free =P
Don't ask me how, 'cause I won't tell!
But now I've got a proper bag for my laptop (CaseLogic) and a BT mouse for it!

All I gotta say, is thanks to these people above
to accompanied me to get these stuffs (also not to forget my MUM too!)


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