Monday, May 10, 2010

I Miss The HOs

LoL eh, when you read the title? If you're wondering what HO means in this context, well it's actually Hang Outs! Yeah, it's been a while that I've actually hung out with the bunch (or perhaps to be exact, bunches). Being stuck busy with assignments and the thoughts of my FYP (not to forget the exams to come) keeps me away from them and limits me to freedom-n-fun. Talk about absence, when I met a couple of old pals recently, they said the same thing, "hey, you've been gone for ages, where have you been?" (well not the precise same words, but they all meant the same)

I remember this, a fun bunch that went wall-climbing earlier this year...

And this from last year's!

Yup, last year too!

Dang, now that I recall, I hardly have pictures of myself with a big group
in my own camera (or previous camera), and no pictures taken with just
one other person is not considered a group to me - that would be called
a pair instead.

Dang, I miss them all!
Well, the sooner I graduate, the sooner I'll see yal!
'Till then wish me luck!

P.s: Sorry I don't have the full collection of pictures, so I was limited in my
choice of picture uploads. Seriously there's more groups I hang out with than
the ones shown there :) If I were to list them out, it'll be quite a list :)


  1. @Xiang:
    i know :( thanks bro!

  2. @Jacquelyn:
    Awwwwhhh *hugs* thanks girl!

  3. @Victoria:
    I miss you guys too! *hugs* :)

  4. aww...I've never tried wall climbing..

  5. @Shirleen:
    You've never? You should try one day, with a bunch of crazy people. Try climbing + laughing = I'd salute if you could reach the top. I would simply fall down whenever that happens xD

  6. Hope that you get all together soon!

  7. @BusyB:
    thanks! I sure hope so too! :P