Sunday, January 22, 2012

My 2012 New Year's Eve @ Samuel's Place

This may be a little late, but nevertheless it's on today's To-do-list. So, let me share with you on how my New Year's Eve (NYE) went! I tell you though the numbers aren't great like the previous years, but the peeps I was with are superb! =) Well, I'll allow my pictures to explain to you how it went...

P1050086 copyP1050087 copy

Spaghetti with two sauces!


P1050082 copyP1050083 copy

Roast Leg of Lamb!


P1050088 copyP1050084 copy

KFC! and many, many rounds of awesome food!


P1050091 copyP1050092 copyP1050089 copy

Look who showed up! Shaz was so busy, but he made it too! =)


P1050096 copyP1050108 copy

Watching football
(don’t ask me who versus who, but I think MU was involved back then)
Then, Samuel played some song for fun…


P1050098 copyP1050099 copy

Played fireworks.. a little disappointing pop came from all those stuffs…
but it gave a GREAT laughter!
Unfortunately, the cautious Samuel got BURNT on his finger whilst lighting up the fireworks…


P1050104 copyP1050110 copy

Got ourselves some mixed drinks…
trust me, it is not for the weak guts or stomach..


P1050101 copyP1050109 copy

Ingredients for the drinks…
I’ll leave the rest to your imagination =P


P1050103 copyP1050093 copy

On the way to being wasted, LOL


P1050095 copyP1050105 copy

One sip of a drink, will make you cool as Mr. Kool Bear!


P1050111 copyP1050112 copy

Allows you to grow half a wing too! =P
and you’ll end up like that in the morning…


P.s: No bears were harmed during our party and celebration!
P.p.s: No one got wasted either =(


  1. LOL is that Glo dishwasher involved too :O haha
    Happy Chinese New Year! Eve! ;)

    1. @stephy-nie:
      hahaha.. yup, but I'll leave it to your imagine as how it was involved :P
      Happy CNY! =)