Monday, January 16, 2012

Twitter: New Layout 2012!

I'm not sure when it changed, but recently when I accessed Twitter, I noticed the significant change of layout. I enjoy the new layout, not sure about you. I believe some of you, who uses Twitter via the Web, might be wondering where certain functionality went / disappeared to, so I took the liberty to make a couple of snapshots for your convenience =D (just a brief one to get you running on it, I believe you should try it yourself, and you'll know it better *grins*)

This is the Home page,
looks like a blog with plenty of widgets.

There's quick compose on the left side 'panel',
or you can access it via the blue button top right.

Wondering where your 'Mentions' went to?
Look no further, it's located under '@Connect' !

And the 'Discover' section!

Behold, the 'Direct Messages'...
Viewing it on a popup, See the conversational view, Search up other twiple in DM

This seems to be very handy!
Keyboard shortcuts...
I use it most of the time, how about you?

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