Friday, January 13, 2012

Le New Office

So, people have been asking me where's my new office, what's it like, what have I been doing? Well, today I'm going to answer all of them! With proof of pictures I had managed to snap here and there, throughout my 2 weeks being here.

This is already up since my first day of work...
they celebrate belated X'mas and the New Year together =)

Look at all the gifts wei!
I was told that I would have my share as well!
How awesome is that??!!
After a short party, I collected my gift!
Boy was it an awesome gift!
I no longer need to find a mouse for my laptop!
Le Mouse is damn cool!

Like seriously cool!
Not to forget that it's really bright too!
Apart from that, I had learned that there is Zen Room in the office!
Accessible at any time!
Do you see what I see?

This is what I do whenever I can...
It's super comfty and very much relaxing...
Envy much? =P
So... back to the questions:

Where am I working at right now? I'm with a Corporate Video Production House, cCubeTV. My office is together with Munchy's (parent company ma). So, yeah that's why you see Munchy's logo in the first picture =)

What do I work as? I'm in an entirely new profession officially, Business Development Executive (BDE) aka Sales Executive.

Where's my office? To MANY people's surprise that I chose a workplace in Klang, roughly 36km from my house in Bukit Jalil / Sri Petaling area.

How much is my pay to work that far? Unfortunately, I can't disclose this information as it is P&C, I hope you understand. But I can share with you, that it is worth it. Not only because of the pay, but also for the experience and knowledge that I can gain from here, both Munchy's and cCubeTV =) (and no I'm not paid to say any of the above).

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