Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy 2012!

It's a few days past the new year, but the hype isn't over yet! At least not for me! It's been amazing so far on my end. Here's some highlight or you can say, spoiler:

  • Started off the new year in Genting with an awesome bunch of good friends! (there'll be a post on this later on)
  • After the new year celebration, Started my new job in Klang (a place rather distance away from where I live)
  • New plans for the year, new style to live with, and new goals!
  • Got something new & cool for myself! - NEW Compact Camera & NEW Phone!
  • Last but not least, NEW DOMAIN! Check the above address and you'll know!
As I've been busy with work and enjoying myself, I hadn't had much time to work on the post. But I'll get it started as soon as I can =D Am very excited!

Back to work now! Will be back! =P

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