Sunday, January 08, 2012

Unboxing of Lumix LX5

I'm officially an Lumixian! Well, not in a geeky manner, just another user of Panasonic's Lumix series *grins*. Without further or due, I welcome the latest member of the family, Baby Luxian (yes I name my gadgets)!

Unboxing of my Christmas present!

Check out the package!!
Premium Cleaning Kit + Planner + Original (Normal) Camera Case
+ Original (Premium) Camera Case + 2x8GB SDHC Memory Cards
+ The Camera package itself!!

Holy Moly! This is superb!!
What a gift!

Baby Luxian (don't judge me!! *pfft*) is out of the box!

Guess what? I even know the price tag! *acts terrified* ... Surprised?? *lame* Well, of course I know what are the figures behind this gorgeous tech... 'Cause I bought it! =P But what about... why is there.. how the heck.. are you out of your mind??!! I guess so! Heck, who cares? All I know is that I'm super happy about it! =D A reward to myself, for surviving the year 2011 of hardship *grins*

p.s: yes I did get them wrapped up for FREE, just for the sake of pleasing myself =P random, no?


  1. how much overall does it cost?

    I want to invest into compact cam cam too :p (the existing that i use is sux, and my mum keep complaint!!!)


  2. @Fate:
    Well I got mine at a promo price that comes bundled with some accessories @ RM1399 with easy installment of 12 months 0% interest.

    I'll buzz you up on compacts, depending on your preference of what you want to do.