Friday, January 27, 2012

News Print Still Going Strong

I was listening to BFM radio this morning when I heard Phillip Karuppiah (CEO of TheMalayMail) talking about some insights in regards to his company. They set to release their renewed news prints (prints and online) coming 30th January 2012. They'll be kicking off at RM1.00 per copy. I think that's a pretty fair and competitive price as compared to TheStar (selling from RM1.20 per copy).

According to Phillip, there's still a need for the prints and it won't die off that easily. Even with the online heat, hard copy is still preferred by many, especially those that goes for morning coffee. Honestly, I think that's pretty true. No matter how good things are in the Net, nothing beats good ol' school hard copy print outs. I'd still prefer to sit at a cafe browsing mags or papers, over eReading on smart devices. It may not be as quickly updated as the online content, but one thing's for sure is that what's printed stays printed, and can't be altered. And it's already printed (like duh~!) so I just need to keep a copy of it, rather than trying to find a printer when I need one.

As how print ads are still ongoing, I think newspapers regardless of which it is, will continue to stay strong, so long the content is compelling, factual, non-biased and perhaps opinionated (Personally, I think it's good to display one's perspective and views on a certain event or occasion, rather than just publishing what everyone else is publishing).

"As the world progresses digitally, the needs for analogue material keeps growing at the same time." DSLR vs Film / Polaroids, Wireless vs Wired, Email vs Post Mail, eNews vs Newspaper, & etc.

Conclusion: news print (like any other analogue materials) will inevitably continue on and will grow stronger in demand.

Enough of my thoughts, what's your take on this? Are you pro-digital news or are you still hooked up on the good newspaper prints? Share with me!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY 2012 1st Day!

As always, CNY 1st Day is dedicated to family members and relatives, but what makes it different is that I have my baby Luxian w/ me as part of the new family member! I guess it’s because of her, there’s a post on CNY =D (my DSLR is too heavy and bulky for quick P&S (Point&Shoot)). So, let’s check out how my 1st Day of CNY is =P


P1050363 copyP1050364 copy

P1050365 copyP1050368 copy

P1050369 copy
Yummey! The same breakfast every year, and it taste awesome each time! =D
Mouth-watering delicacy! =P


P1050362 copyP1050376 copy
My mum and sis


P1050370 copyP1050372 copy
Here’s the star baby of the day!
Jaden’s the name, attraction is what he gained!
(P.s: That’s not the mother)


P1050379 copyP1050381 copyP1050382 copy
More of Jaden
(P.s: She’s his mum)

P1050383 copy
Initially this was silhouette but after some tweak and adjustments,
I managed to add colors and tone it up =D
*proudly shines*


P1050388 copyP1050386 copy
See what I mean?
He’s like here and there from one pair of arms to another!



P1050389 copy
Saw this at Sunway - what an awesome display!



P1050391 copy

P1050392 copyP1050393 copy

P1050394 copyP1050395 copy

P1050396 copyP1050397 copy

P1050398 copyP1050399 copy
Truth be told, I think I gained much here!


P1050402 copy
GrandAunt, Cousins, Uncle & Aunty, Mum & Sis, and me of course!
eating CNY 1st dinner together =)

P1050403 copy

P1050405 copyP1050407 copy
Other relatives arrived shortly after we finished our dinner =)


P1050409 copyP1050410 copy
Here comes the star baby of the night!
Stealing away (my) crowd’s attention


P1050413 copyP1050421 copy
“Sorry Girls, Daddy says I can’t date until I’m 28!”
Wicked cool tee!!
Awwww.. poor lil’ girl have to wait until he’s 28 =P


P1050423 copy

P1050427 copyP1050426 copy
Baby seems to be taken away by gadgets…
nowadays, all babies are like that too, aren’t they?

I know a kid that is so used to an iPad, when shown a laptop, was practically calling the device stupid…
”This thing stupid wan, cannot swipe!”


P1050428 copy
Well, that’s my 1st day of CNY…
Pretty exciting, I’d say =D


So, how was yours?
Share with me, by writing in your comments =)
(Post a link, if valid, to your blog, FB or twitter,
so that I can read up too!)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Big Rays Grill

About a week back, I went to Big Rays Grill (BRG) to grab lunch. Well, I bought a discount voucher off and I think it was a pretty sweet deal for myself. The food’s pretty decent (quite a big portion), the setup is good (but definitely can improve; I find the echo a tad bit annoying) and the service is great (attentive, punctual and courteous)! Enough talk, I’ll show you what I had…

P1050244 copy
BRG’s Cowboy Burger & French Fries

The meat’s really juicy! and it ain’t the normal burger patty you find on the roadsides…


P1050238 copy
Mash Potato
(This was complimentary; don’t recall seeing it on menu or reflected in the bill)

This is good stuff! If only I had garlic bread to go with it, it’ll be superb!
Eating it with the burger, a little too complex…
Eating it alone, might be a tad bit too salty…


Well, I certainly do not need to show you how the ice lemon tea looks like,
’cause they all look the same…

P1050241 copy

I didn’t get to take a picture of their restaurant, but you should check it out yourself, and try doing lunch or dinner there!

1-8, Endah Promenade,Jalan 1/149E,
Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hours: Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
Contact: +6010 4263090 or 603 90542542


I know it’s Chinese New Year (CNY) and I should be writing about it, but who set those rules right? =P Well, in conjunction with the New Year *grins*, I wanna take this opportunity to share out what I did on the first day of new year! What better way it is to celebrate with great friends and family!

Actually, before I head into the story, I wanna highlight a couple of stuffs that I’ve accomplished so far for the year 2011:

  • Promotion in less than 1 year of service (previous job)
  • Complete insurance examinations for Life Insurance and Investment-Link within 1 month (includes studying and sitting for the exams)
  • Caught up with some old buddies before new year ends (no names mentioned)
  • Bought a NEW car (I’m a proud owner of a Silver Saga FL 1.3 Auto *grins*)
  • Bought a NEW camera (Panasonic Lumix LX5 baby!)
  • Bought a NEW laptop (Awesome Asus K43U!)
  • Traded lens for Tamron 17-50mm & Traded phone for N97 mini
  • Lost 5KG in less than 2 weeks (well I cheated; dental surgery didn’t allow me to eat much *smirks*)
  • Drove to Malacca (first trip down in years!)
  • Etc. (I’m sure if I go on any further, you’ll just close and ignore the rest of the post *sobs, you don’t care about me, sobs*)

So, enough of the “bragging” and back to the story about New Year’s celebration… Went up to Genting the morning after NYE’s at Samuel’s place, with him and 7 other pals of mine (Alex, Jacquelyn, Stephanie, Jackie, Marilyn, Samantha, & Jeremy) to … celebrate the New Year, of course! Initial plan was to be there BEFORE the new year, and come back AFTER first day of new year, but no rooms were avail for us then. Steph and I was there for 1 night, whilst the others stayed another night to celebrate Alex’s birthday… Well, I’ll let my pictures tell the rest of the story =)

P1050113 copyP1050130 copy
[left] Lunch @ Gohtong Jaya (Being early, that’s what I ate for lunch with Alex, Jac & Steph)
[right] That’s dinner with the bunch!


P1050123 copyP1050125 copy

P1050128 copyP1050129 copy
Some shots of us while waiting for dinner to be served..
Apparently, there were some fireworks at Genting,
but I was too focused on dinner, I didn’t bother about it =(


P1050132 copyP1050116 copy
[left] We played the indoor arcade! (How can you not play, right? *grins*)
[right] my side project… (More at the end!)

P1050136 copyP1050139 copy

P1050144 copyP1050141 copy
How can you not GAMBLE at Genting??!!

P1050143 copyP1050154 copy
Jeremy flexing his muscles…
and that’s how our room looks like to fit 9 people…
P.s : I didn’t sleep where they slept.. I conquered the floor!


P1050157 copyP1050159 copy
A group shot of us in the morning!
Awesome night we had!


P1050137 copyP1050120 copy
Whilst half the lot won quite a fair bit,
the others didn’t… somewhat like the uncle there…


P1050117 copyP1050161 copy
As I’m only there for a night, I had to head down after lunch the following morning…
the last shot in Genting, and a shot taken when I’m nearing home


But I did manage to get some pretty awesome landscape shots of Genting,
in the morning (before heading down) whilst the others were sleeping so soundly…
Well, we did after all only managed to sleep at about 5 am…
(no thanks to someone snoring so loudly! RAWR!)

P1050151 copy

P1050150 copyP1050148 copy
Comment bit about the landscape?
(pictures taken with LX5 w/ minor post editing)


Alright, so back to where I mentioned about my side project…
You see, I’ve been planning for this quite sometime,
though it didn’t go quite as planned, but somehow it was good enough =D

P1050119 copyP1050114 copyAiD5ibICMAEUpnh

My aim was to go to Genting fulfilling 3S:
Singlet, Shorts and Slipper, and stay like that for the whole day…
But it rained in Genting, dropping the temperature even more, so the plan didn’t last long…
So, I improvised and turned it into 5S instead:
Singlet, Shorts, Slipper, Shyiok Sendiri!
w/ nerd glasses and a bottle of Black label making me look #likeadrunktard!

last picture there was taken by Jackie; the shoe came from Jeremy…
thanks for the support bro, (=.=”)


So Looking Forward To This (2012) Year’s Trip to Genting Again!