Friday, August 07, 2009

Speaking with Programmers...

Below is just an adapted conversation placed in such that it slightly resembles scenarios where I had short chat with some of my friends who were doing programming (Note: It's not specific to any programming language, just an example only).

//'*' refers to a pointer
//int means Integer
//variable in this context means person
/*A or B does not refer to the same person, just indicating it's a person*/

int situation;
Variable A, B, C, me;

switch (situation)
Case 1:
A = "YESH I finally gotz a DATE!";
Me = "Really? Who who who?";
A * program_built_that_finally_shows_the_BLOODY_date!;

Case 2:
A = "Can you C?";
B = "I can't see at all! Where?";
A = "Then, you should C++!";
B = "Oh yah! LOL";
Me = "Wtf?! Gimme a break";


Case 3:
A = "When one class inherits another privately, what happens?";
B = "EASY! All parts are private then - Private parts!";
= "LOL we are all individually divided into 3 parts - public [head],
protected [body] and private [below]";
Me = "ROFL!";

Default: "Error, life not found. Recompile please";break;


  1. great post

  2. base on ur default statement...recompiling

    the result as below :
    error C2134: syntax error: missing ';' before ':'

    fatal error C1075 : end of file found before the left brace '{'

    error C2447 : '{' ,missing function header (old-style formal list?)

    Build log was saved at ""

    Speaking with Programmers... - 3 errors, 0 warning(s).

    Build : 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped

  3. Reading this post makes me realized that I've returned my knowledge on programming to my lecturer in foundation! =p

  4. @gooddell:
    will visit you soon.. :)

    ROFL! wtff.. nice one..
    was speechless for one whole minute! but burst in laughter.. :D

    *hugs* yeah, im stuck with it for these few semesters.. until i graduate.. O_O