Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lunch and Movie!

It's the day before the exams, and what am I doing? Well, I just got back from lunch and movie with some fellow blogger friends. Those who were there for lunch (during and slightly after) are JackieLoi, Jacquelyn, JessTan, NigelTee, PinkPorkChop and Josh (who came seconds later after PinkPorkChop made her exit) Lunch was great... Nothing beats a great lunch than eating together with a bunch of friends... Oh wait, lunch was on Jackie, so that makes even better! AWESOME~~ However, only the four of us - Jackie, Jacquelyn, Nigel and I went for the movie, 'cause the other had other plans. Boohoo...

Time: 12PM
Venue: KFC, MidValley
Food: FREE!

If you wanna know why lunch's on him? Ask him... =P

Well, as the usual habit of being somewhere early, I managed to snap a couple of before-lunch pictures. Apparently, there were some promotions by Sony in MidValley, and there were free-gifts alongside with short games.

Over this side, their giving our FREE cokes!
Free drinks! and I got myself one too!

Over the other side, there were games
for the kids and adults..
Participants and winners both get prizes..

After that, met the rest for lunch! We planned properly for lunch, to ensure, no free food was wasted *winks* and to make sure we all have a good meal together...

Yummy! Free and plenty to go!

After lunch, JessTan, Josh and PinkPorkChop ditched us for their own plans... *hmmph!* ROAR~! hahaha kidding! JessTan and Josh are having dinner with Family, while I think Porkie had to meet someone else.. So clueless of what to do next, the remaining guys came up with a plan - MOVIE TIME! Been a while since I watched a movie with friends (at a cinema) and we watched "Aliens in the Attic"! Cool movie I must say =D (review on the movie later)

4 Tickets for "Alien in the Attic" please..

Before the movie, we had some time in the arcade, where I kicked Nigel's arse in Daytona twice, before losing to him on the 3rd round (bugger, play cheat slamming me side by side), while Jackie was rocking away on Time Crisis 2. It's been a while since I played that. But poor Jacquelyn, she didn't play, rather she watched us play instead.

Went into the hall 15 minutes before the movie starts, and already the ads were running. Movie was great though! And after the movies, we all went back. Why? I HAD TO STUDY, 'cause tomorrow's the start of exams! (=.=") Gosh, wish I could spare more time with friends. *sigh*

Oh well, before I leave to do my last minute revision, I shall share with you a picture of a twirl in the clouds.

Is that how a hurricane starts off?
a lil' twist at first, and if it goes more...

Well, have a great day yal!

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