Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Desires & Priorities..

*sits down*

I'm a student at the moment, and as I go through this difficult phase of life (studies, assignment and exams), I come to realize that I don't really like the things I'm studying. Maybe it's because of the syllabus and "reinventing the wheel" where I could be practicing other more essential things. But I guess, everyone faces this problem.

What I come to know is that I desire to learn about other things - arts of photography, graphics editing, web design & development, consultancy in both IT and business, so on. I found out that I have better interest in other stuffs rather than what I have now. But with so much interest in others and lacking of interest, what am I to do?

Now here's the important thing, as much as I like to venture into other fields, I know the priority now is to focus on what I have in hands, because it determines what will become of me. I can't let myself stray away from what I'm suppose to do. My desires are to be pursued once I'm done with all these.

Then again, wouldn't that be too late for it by then? If everything is done stage by stage, I might end up slower than others, and losing in competition with others and myself. How? Do I stop what I'm doing (because it's doesn't seem to benefit me in anyway) and pursue what I want (because I develop passion towards them)? Many questions, but only one answer - balance them up, without giving any of them up!

So I decided to continue on this tough journey of mine, as a training for mental toughness, patience to await results and also planning of time and work management. At the same time, I'll slowly pursue what I'm interested in, taking one step at a time, yet doing in such that it wouldn't clash with my journey. I've to set my focus properly, even if it's a deviated focus. I'm lacking of time, and may even lack more time, since I've decided to take up all these "luggage" but I think it'll be worth it all at the end.

It may seem crazy and all, but I'd think to fulfill my responsibilities and achieve my ideal future, this is something I have to do. *looks up to the sky* I think my gloomy and cloudy days, will soon be clear... And with that, I would not give up. Watch me people, I'll prove it to you and make you acknowledge me.

"Balance your desires and priorities,
without giving up any of them"

"What goes around, will come around,
if not, MAKE them.
Effort is worth everything in the end."

"Failure maybe something unpleasant,
but giving up is worse than failing,
for fear of failing makes you a failure,
without benefit of a doubt.
If you don't succeed the first time,
try again, even if it means never ending,
coz when you start a journey,
you must complete it, and
if you can't go through it,
go around it, below it, above it.
Everything has a solution."


  1. chill...i felt the same way too during my third year, especially when FYP submission deadline was near. Felt damn depressed. But once I handed it in, I felt a whole lot better. Din even care that my FYP was a piece of crap. It all worked out in de end. I'm not even doing wat I studied in college, but I do fall back on some of the stuff sometimes. So, goes to show that u don't necessarily have to stick to wat u studied, it's more like something to fall back on if u ever need it. There are lots of opportunities out there to explore, so once u graduate, give it a try la...everyone has their own pace, find yours and don't let anyone else dictate wat it will be. Cheer up, dude. Gambateh! :)

  2. @babedevil:
    STEPH STEPH! *hugs* yeah, it could be something to fall back, but definitely my last resort (in my context).. I dun really like programming & building database.. if it were other stuffs, im okay with that.. Will do my best to complete it. Right after i finish it, I'll be throwing those away.. :) hehehe..

    thanks alot! *hugs*

  3. haha, i feel the same tooo. i wonder what if i took act instead of science course , wat wud happen. but, i am half way tru my course and i am still young. if i hv other passions, i still can chase it. I am sure u can do it too^^~~~

  4. sheesh! missed the student's life...loosen up buddy, take time...don't be in a hurry...Live with the moment, enjoy!

    The universe will conspire with you - as long as you're enjoying your life...No time is wasted!

  5. @xijon89:
    well everything is just a thought of the moment, no one knows wat would become of us, unless we are going or had gone through the times.. Young we still are, but for me, I have shorter time to do what I want.. A personal principle.. =) No worries, if we work our butts off for it, we should achieve what we desire.. =)

    well it's tough to loosen up if anyone's in my situation.. but will try to enjoy every moment of it.. that i can promise everyone.. yeah, don't waste any moment of it, and live life to the fullest.. =)