Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Exams Next Week! What am I doing?

rrrrrgggghhhh, exams are next week and guess what? I haven't even seen the exam schedule yet, neither have I even begin revising... Gosh, one the rare times that I'm actually doing nothing before the exams. No, I'm not even prepared for it, 'cause I just finished and handed in all my assignments last week. Since then, I've been chilling off my mind with other stuffs like anime, re-formatting BabyNovo and sorting out stuffs...

Look how messed up I am now. *smacks forehead* Unfortunately, just moments ago, when I went to check for the exam schedule from the college's website, I found out that the website is down. So much for 99% up-time. I hope the site will come back up, 'cause I need to prepare accordingly...

Skip that for now, today I had to go all the way to Plaza Berjaya, to send my mum's phone which I've gotten for her from last November during the Silent Halloween, for repair/service because of some error. Wasn't able to use the phone, 'cause everytime I turned on the phone, it showed a message and then died. Urrghhh, what a hassle!

"Contact Service"
Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

That's why people say, "Free things not necessary good".
Not even a year old! Luckily still under warranty.

What's worse, I'll have to make another trip back there in a few days, to collect it back. Darn it! All the trouble... After visiting the Nokia Service Center, I went to Time Square and then to Plaza Low Yat, where I met my classmates Zul and CF. LOL, a coincidence meeting them there. I'd thought they be at college for their assignment presentation. CF said "That's later, but we'd gonna be killed by the lecturer. GG". I just laughed along. Seriously, who wouldn't be pissed having people come late when you expect them to be early? What more if it's the lecturer? Haha, now you know why =P

Anyways, had lunch with them, then when hunting for gadgets (yes, we are geeks xD). Failed to buy what we wanted, but ended up with us getting screen cleaners for laptop instead.


Got it for only RM7.00. Good deal, I must say.

Then, it was almost time for their presentation. So we all left the place. I had brought along my camera, 'cause I know in this weather, the sky and clouds are beautiful enough to snap a shot. But I didn't expect the batteries to be dead, it was still working last night. Dang! No beautiful shots of sky and clouds. *sobs*

Oh well, wait till exams are over, and I'll begin once again. Need to spend more time with BabyShanon. I think I'm already rusty with her. Anyhoo, TIME FOR REVISION!

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