Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jan-E!

Yeah it's the intoxicated lady's birthday (14-08-09)! Hahaha! You might be wondering why I call her so? Well, truth be told, name was given by her.. She claims to be a drunkard.. I've not seen how she drinks just yet, but if she says it's bad, it's bad... =)

Nope there was no celebration, sad to say. I didn't had enough time to plan ahead because I was barely okay myself and on the very same day of Jan-E's birthday, I promised to help out CurryEgg in one of her project. It is from there, that I thought of meeting Jan-E along with my bestie, Siew Mei for dinner =)

But I think I've rotten over the weeks when not using camera, I was carrying my camera, and I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURE OF ANYTHING THAT HAD HAPPENED THE WHOLE DAY until Siew Mei reminded me of it. OMG like WTF! So sorry, please accept my apologies Jan-E! Wasn't on purpose... Anyways, I hope you had a great time. Though may not be an ideal birthday dinner celebration, but that's what I could think of in just a short time. Hopefully there'll be a better one next year! =D


  1. Lol... Not even a single picture being snapped? =P

  2. @Curryegg:
    unfortunately nope.. *smacks head* me getting old ady, lidat also can forget.. adui...