Monday, August 31, 2009

Mist Club Merdeka Celebration!

W ootza! I just made it back home a while ago.. Luckily there was no jam, otherwise, like other years, I might not have gotten home by now.. So, it's the first time I celebrated Merdeka in a club, with my friends. Usually, I'd be at home with family, watching fireworks from TV or if lucky we'd be seeing real live ones above the roofs.. =)

But this year's different, as I got an invitation by Nuffnang (THANKS SO MUCH!) to attend the party at MistClub, Bangsar to celebrate Merdeka along with friends and local celebrities. I'd say it was quite the fun, even though it's a little too smoky and loud on the inside, but it was alright. Though I have to say, the some of the songs sang were kinda out of place/tune.. But nonetheless a good performance, from them.. =)

Alright, let's have a look at some pichas shall we?

Before the party - 30 minutes too early!
Meet the peeps who were early! =D

Diese's sister and NigelTee

Left to Right: Diese, her sister, and DustyHawk

Left to Right: That's me, Jeffro and Shaz

On the inside - Party at Mist Club!

Ooo~ the pretty lights...

The start of party...

Dusty with Diese
*cheers people!*

People partying in the corners, having drinks..
and snapping shots here and there!
Holding the camera: Suresh
Hiding from the camera: Samantha

P.s: If anyone has any picture(s) of dancers, do forward your pictures to Melvin ( Do not worry as credits will be given. Thank you.

Diese's sis and herself.. =)

Center stage performance yo!

Singing it all out~

These are random shots I had from the party,
with a little tips from Shaz, Cool eh?

After the countdown - Drinking at Telawi Street Bistro!

We ordered 2 jugs of beer...
So who were we?

Left to Right: Jeffro, Terri, Alex, PinkPorkChop (PPC), PPC's brother,
Diese's sister, and Diese =D
Note: Diese did not drink the beer, nuff said. =P

Hahaha.. If you're wondering what I'm doing,
think no further, I'M NOT DRUNK!
yes I was in the middle of the road, but I was not drunk!
Actually I was dared to go down to the road,
and shout out loud, "Terri I Love You!"
But the best part is that she replied,
"Jeffro I love you too!"
Or so I heard, maybe hallucinating I guess..
Or wasn't I? *grins and winks* =P
(Note: it's just a joke people)

After the drinks - Supper at Nasi Lemak Famous!

What an adventure...

Yes, the good ol' Nasi Lemak Ayam!
"Where's the sambal?"
Well, I don't eat spicy food, that's why!

And that was how Merdeka was celebrated!
Happy 52nd Merdeka!

P.s: If anyone has any picture(s) of dancers, do forward your pictures to Melvin ( Do not worry as credits will be given. Thank you.


  1. so sad im late arrive there becoz of some stupid police road block at bangsar!

  2. fuh seem fun..hahaha..great u guys enjoy it =D

  3. LOL
    I'm doing the puffer fish face again!!
    The event = Thumbs down
    The people = Thumbs up

  4. yea she did replied u... :P
    are u sure the sambal is not underneath the chicken?

  5. Hahaha I think I didn't shout loud enough!

    So here goes again,



  6. @Aidi:
    Awwwwh.. it's alright...
    But I didnt know they set up a road block at bangsar, where did you come from?

    haha Yeah, we enjoyed amongst ourselves, but it's not really bcoz of the party at MistClub..

    hahaha.. puffer fish face rocks!
    True that, ppl are awesome!

  7. @PorkChop:
    Hahaha yeah.. she did.. *grins*
    Noooo... THERE WAS NO SAMBAL THERE.. i double checked ma.. =P

    awwwwh.. <3 <3

    Hahaha... I feel like drinking again.. LOL

  8. Hmm....finally found a guy who doesn't eat spicy food...just like me! =p

  9. @Joshua:
    hahaha.. u betcha.. Im extremely sensitive to spicy food... Cant even take Maggie Mee Curry.. =___="

    But i do enjoy the spicy food like Curry Mutton (my favourite).. since it's once in a year.. =D

    Eat them, less than 10 seconds, im sweating.. And soon you'll find a rainman.. =P