Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where's the Party?

Well I'll just have to say, this year there ain't gonna be any birthday bash or celebration for me.. I find it quite unnecessary as it was rather out of time, and also not in the mood for it. Been too busy lately. Frankly speaking, I'd even forgotten my own birthday, yes, my very own 21st birthday (pfft, big deal...) if it weren't for my close buddies to remind me of it. I really can't thank you guys enough for it. This year would be the first time ever that I did not try to remind myself of my own birthday, haha, pathetic I know. Again, thanks to everyone for your kinda and warm wishes... *hugs* Love yal!

Doesn't really though, cause if I'm lucky enough, I'll be celebrating one of my grand birthday next year in conjunction with me being done with college. Wootza! Ahhh, that would be good wouldn't it? just thinking about it, makes me smile =)

Oh well, till then, I'd be working my butt off. But no worries, in September I'll be spending time with yal - the ones that I've made promises from way before... Nope I've not forgotten yet. *winks* See ya, when I see ya!

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