Sunday, August 23, 2009

Movie Review: Aliens in the Attic

ALIENS IN THE ATTIC, is an adventure/comedy about kids on a family vacation who must fight off an attack by knee-high alien invaders with world-destroying ambitions – while the youngsters’ parents remain clueless about the battle.

It’s the Pearsons versus the aliens who “came from upstairs,” in an all-out battle that will decide the fate of the Earth – and kick-off the ultimate summer vacation.

It all starts as a meteor shower rockets across the dark galaxy. Four glowing pods sparkle and crackle while hiding behind the meteor show. A mysterious force makes the meteor shower turn a hard right towards a bright blue ball in the distance – planet Earth.

In a comfortable suburban house in Michigan, Stuart Pearson (Kevin Nealon) and his wife Nina (Gillian Vigman) head a family that includes adorable seven-year-old Hannah (Ashley Boettcher); 15-year-old Tom (Carter Jenkins), a techno-geek whose grades have gone south; and big sister Bethany (Ashley Tisdale), who’s just returned from a secret outing with boyfriend Ricky Dillman (Robert Hoffman).

Tom who decides the family needs some good old-fashioned togetherness, plans a holiday in the middle of nowhere. Joining along is Uncle Nate (Andy Richter), Nate’s son Jake (Austin Butler), dear old Nana Rose (Doris Roberts) and identical 12-year-old twins Art (Henri Young) and Lee (Regan Young).

However, their holiday was about to spice up with a stranger visit from the aliens. The kids rise to the occasion, battling against the aliens while finding new strengths and self-sufficiency. As the battle continues, the laughs, action and danger escalate. And it becomes clear that the aliens never stood a chance…

The Good:
  • Funny! If you have the funny bone for humors of this kind. It's not lame, it's not obscene, it's funny. The way things are done and the way things work.
  • Cool! Creativity point is awarded here. Who'd figured out that this movie includes stunt like shuoryuken, and flips you'd wouldn't expect?
  • Great technology today leads to animation that is almost real. It blended it well with the live characters in the movie.

The Bad:
  • The base storyline is pretty much expected, not even a small moment of suspense although it was partially an adventure movie.
  • Comedy parts only revolves around the few characters, and not as a whole.
  • It's a movie just to laugh about, then it gets left behind. I'd think people could forget this movie in a matter of days to weeks.
  • Well, you'd pretty much get the expectations of a movie that relates to alien-invasion. Nothing much inventive to create something memorable for audience.
My Rating:
6.5 of 10.0
for a comedy movie


If you wanna get your mind off something, this movie is great to ease off the stress with laughter from certain scenes. I'd say this would be suitable for family to watch, or even after-working-hours =)


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