Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Rocks!

Silent Halloween was a BLAST! Anyone who couldn't make it, well YOU MISSED A LOT! Things could not have been better without the sense of fright, horror and gory... Love the night! Everyone was in the mood of celebration of Halloween Night...

So let's start from the beginning ya? I was there freaking early for my make up session (apparently like 2 hours early?), and I saw the Nuffnang crews at work.. Also, I managed to snap some pictures of the place before it turned dark..

Note to all: Click on the pictures to enlarge them

The boss himself was working hard too..
Great job everyone!

This is how some of the props look like.. =)

I was fooling around, with the spiders.. LOL Nothing better to do, the crew didn't delegate any task to me, even when I offered some help..

At the same time, I got the chance to have a peek at some Before-&-After-Make-Up sessions.. Cool ei? I bet not many people had this chance.. =D

  1. Yvonne (dead Zhang Zi Yi)
  2. Anne Marie (Anne Boleyn)
  3. Liang (Elvis)
  4. Ringo (Marilyn Monroe)
  5. Kenny Sia (zombie Michael Jackson)
  6. Robb Chew (Mummy)
  7. Timothy Tiah (Kurt Cobain)

And soon the bigger crowd started coming in, and everyone was with all sorts of different outfits..

Hsu Jen and David Cheong, both as Pirates

Kel Li (the Forsaken Angel), Hsu Jen (Pirate),
Jolene (Nurse Joker)

KY as the Rain..
When you see him, you will LOL
I still remember, he'll ask anyone about his identity,
if the person fails to answer, he will "RAIN" on the person..
*points at his Sprinkler (left pic)*

ChungLern as the Construction Man
He was damn shyiok with the orangutan, lol xD

CelineYap as the Mummy
Looks real ain't it?

Nicholas as Dr Evil with Minime
LOL @ Minime.. xD

Schmae (the haunting Prison Girl) and AaronHo (the dead Tarzan)
Aaron is so fair.. haha =D

Nigel as the Great Child
Also the videographer for the night.. =)

Chris Tock as the Phantom of the Opera
I didn't get the chance to ask for his name.. =(

The Nurse Joker needs calcium too.. from Milk Boy! LOL

FrontDesk Nuffies

Indoor Nuffies (White Angel and Red Devil)

Me (the Satan) and Jamie (Geisha)
No-dead-body can escape from the grasp of the Satan xD

Satan with PamSong, the Skeleton Girl
We both belong in hell, so we're good friends..

Satan is thirsty.. wants his milk..

Everyone was having fun... Now check out the crowd...

Everyone was dancing to the music,
and having the fantabulastic time!

She won a Squishy Skull, look how happy she was?

I repeat, EVERYONE HAD FUN!!! Alright time to answer the question that's been lingering on people's mind...

How was this party?

Well, even after the event ended, the peeps were still fresh in the mood.. They brought it out onto the streets! Check out the vid..

To top that, I won myself a Nokia 5220 XpressMusic
that comes alongs with a awesome new Nokia Bluetooth Headset
and 5 Universal Music CD's
as one of the winners for
I-Want-My-Mommy (best dressed) award!


Now you know why


Thanks Nuffnang! Thanks Nokia!

ps: Off the record, I'm sorry if I mis-spelled anyone's name.. I'm kinda bad at names.. So do correct me, and let me know if I left out anyone's name.. Thanks!


  1. The Phantom is Chris Tock of

    Your before and after pictures is something new.


  2. hey satan! u did great! wanna ask u hor.. where u buy the false teeth?! my vampire teeth kinda irritating ler.. i like urs better!

  3. @Nigel: Thx! I've updated it ady.. =)

    @Harry: Well I don't really know, everything was sponsored (my costume and props) but I do remember seeing that at Fun Costume Shop (check out my other post)

  4. You deserve the prizes, man. Great costume!

  5. Thanks so much, Kenny!
    I'm lucky and grateful for the prize!

  6. Lollllllllllllllllll
    The video is super duper funny la!
    Hahaha... can't imagine if you guys walk all around the KL streets? hahaha...

    And congrate again for the prize! And you really look.... 'wuoooo'


  7. Hehe.. Yea Curry, it was awesome! and errm, Yatz went around walking with the halloween costume around the area.. hahaha..

    thx again ya.. *hugs* Sorry didn't spend much time wif ya, it was really crowded there.. Hope to see ya real soon.. =)

  8. Good on ya.

    If someone had sponsored you some hellfire pyrotechnics that would've been a blast (pun intended). Maybe a lighter for fire would do, but KY's rain might juz doused it.

  9. LOL.. That would have been AWESOME! hahaha.. unfortunately I'm allergic to heat.. so if they could replace that with some Freezy stuffs.. It'd be better, lol..

    hahaha.. I shouldnt be that demanding..

  10. Hey you were awesome as Satan wei ahhaa! the transformation when I saw you taking photographs into Satan is like between Heaven and Hell... Cheh way damn ego-boosting ahha!

    Anyways you deserve the prize yea. Rock on!

  11. wow! I missed a lot of your posts here..great pics! love look spooky..congratz for winning the prize!

  12. @Spinzer:
    Thx man! U were awesome too.. I like the phantom of opera.. One of my chosen costumes, but sadly all was rented out ady.. =.=

    thx dhemz *hugs* well u din miss much at all.. dun worry.. thx!

  13. Hahaha.. YEAH!Hope I can make it for the sharing session by you!