Friday, December 30, 2011

Teh Tarik Session by Creative Visual Studio

Creative Visual Studio organize their first Teh Tarik session with the renown concert photographers, Azrin Arizz and JonYKT who by the way, have been involved / participating in quite a number of concerts by International artistes as well as local artistes.


The Teh Tarik session was just a simple sharing done amongst hobbyist, camera enthusiast, and new as well as experienced photographers. This session is about exchanging views in concert photography and to learn from Azrin's and Jon's experience.

Just some stuffs from the sessions for those of you who have missed it:

  • ISO control - Comfortability and Usability
  • DOs and DON'Ts rules - "Don't pick a fight with the security guards wei..."
  • Wanted / Required shots - What clients usually request for
  • Shooting Angles - Where and When
  • Concert Elements - What is to be included or excluded.
  • Hardware versus Skills - Finding the right balance
  • and much more...
Some advices on picture elements, colouring and angle, being shared..

Looks like a Q&A session?
No la, where got so serious...
Just casual 'ice breaking, get to know and get connected' sorta session =)

Azrin showing some of his sample works.

If you're wondering why there's more of Azrin than Jon, well that's cause Jon's a little shy *coughs badly* but he had his part of sharing too.. Just not as much as Azrin... (Shy la konon =P)

Colours Twirling!

It's interesting, isn't it?
You should join us in the next session!

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  1. Haha i like the word "dont fight with security guard"

    Btw, thanks for the support =)

  2. @feeq:
    Hahaha that's from Azrin :)
    No prob, am glad to be there man! I wanna see Cvs grow too :)