Sunday, September 21, 2008

An award given...

First of all, apologies for this late post.. *sorry Michy*, was rather busy that I hardly made any post of my recent activities.. But no worries, this is a post I was suppose to put up like more than a week ago.. So here it goes...


An award that was given to me by a friend, Michy. You might be wondering what this award is about? Well it's just an award to motivate a person to blog more.. Hahaha.. Cool eh? Some of you may think of it as a silly thing... Why would I need such a thing?

Well I do! Even though if it was from an anonymous... So what more if it came from a friend?? We all need motivation once in a while.. And Thank God, Michy somehow knew I needed it... Thanks Michy... *Hugs!*

Who will I forward this award to? Two of my friends who are new to blogging, Suresh and Michelle, and a friend who has been blogging even before I knew her, CurryEgg. May this award gives you more ideas to blog about...

"Everything starts from some point..."


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