Friday, September 05, 2008

Pissed @ College

Yesterday I went back to college to collect my student ID as also confirm that I am a registered student for Level 2 aka 2nd Year at college.. Well ,I went with a friend of mine, who is also my classmate. Before getting our ID's, we went to the student services for a matter. My friend was wearing sport shoes. Yesh it's not appropriate to wear so, but he had his reasons. He has a problem with his right foot bone. Apparently, he needs certain type of shoes to suit his right leg. However his previous shoes was in bad shape (with holes and worn off).

We wanted to check if my friend could get a permission for an exception to the rules regarding the footwear. Or at least some time off the Strict-Rules, while he tries to find another suitable pair of shoes (which he has been doing that for more than 2 semesters). Unfortunately the STUDENT SERVICES, to our disappointment, WAS REALLY a SHOCKING EXPERIENCE for us who have been there for more than a year now. They were BLARDIE RUDE to us students. Just because they are more superior, or they're elder than us, doesn't mean you can throw harsh words with doubtness of our statements.

Here's the situation where me, my friend (he), and student services (s1 & s2) were involved. It might not be accurate, but it surely what was said.

Me: Sir, would it be possible to get and exception of rules for his footwear due to my friend's foot's condition?
S1: Why?
He: My right foot was badly injurt in the past, causing me to have some problems in walking, I would need a pair of shoes which is suitable to support my right foot, like the one that I have now.
S2: Then you can just buy a new pair of shoes?
Me and he: *wtf face*
Me: But sir, ma'am, he has been searching for it for over 2 months but he couldn't find it.
He: Sir, if I would have found it, wouldn't I be wearing it today? Besides a customized pair of shoes would cost me more than 1k ringgit.
Me and he: If there's no exception, could we have permission to allow my friend to temporarily wear this pair of shoes for the moment, *points at the sport shoes of his* while he tries harder to find another pair?
S2: There's a shop in Sogo, Bilas or something, where it's cheaper, you can go there and buy.
He: Where, may I know, is this shop, ma'am?
S2: I don't know, it's somewhere in front of Sogo.
Me: But sir, we still need time to find it, and if we aren't able to find it, can we have the permission to allow my friend to wear his current shoes, temporarily?
S1: No, instead, why not you get a doctor certified letter to tell us that it is true.
S2: *softly said, but we heard* If not, then just quit.

I'll stop here. It's quite long, but it was really piss-ful! Eff weih! Don't they know waiting for a government doctor to certify such things, would TAKE A EFF-ing long time, and a private sector doctor would cost a lot? Wtf is wrong is their attitude??

That's not all, guess what? My other classmate andI couldn't get my ID earlier, because one of the admin staffs said that we needed to attend all the orientation. Okies, another wtf, here. My hopes of helping watching movies early that day went doen the drain. But nvm that, so we waited like good little boys, until it was time to get our ID's. Then we head to the admin to collect our ID, only to find out that it wasn't printed out. Wtf again! Worse was when one of the admin staffs told us VERY RUDELY going along witht her STERN LOOKS, "We will DO it, and distribute it in class".

Hello! We registered earlier than some people, and they get their ID's earlier than us? Luckily there was another kind staff who did it for us, in less than 15 minutes.

These things PISSES ME OFF. First was the student services, then the admin staff. Where the heck are their ethical attitudes? Don't they know students come first? (Note: Customers come first -> Customers are people paying for services -> We, students are paying -> Students = customers)

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