Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Just Another Casual Day Out

It was obvious that I had to go to Low Yat Plaza, to get my stuff fixed. So it wasn't surprising that I'd be talking blogging on this.

waited quite long for the train =(

Snap a pic of Putra Stadium (a part of it)

Thought of snapping something different for a change..
*winks* =P

Suppose to go there early with Siew Mei; she wanted to retrieve her laptop, and I needed to rectify my stuff, and we wanted to hang out. But apparently, we went there after lunch, in our separate ways (boy, does this make it sound more dramatic or what?) and met up after she had finished with her laptop.

She wanted to get a new laptop cover, but guess what her requirements for the cover? Mau fit in the cables, the mouse, and whatmore her cooler pad! WOAH.. the so-called cover should be a size of a bag! But no, ended up getting just a cover for her LAPTOP only.

So what to do after that? Well I had the urge and itch to play around with the camera, and she was interested with it. THEREFORE, LET THE CAMHO SESSION BEGINS!

I had the right attitude..
she? the "right" attitude..

You can tell how much she likes that drink

Priceless kan?

having a hard time deciding: Pepsi or Ice Tea?

We are great suckers SLURPERS.. (^_^)

Finally I gotten myself the latest Seventeen's Magazine!
Wootza! Oh Look!
It's Schmae! Hiii~!!
*hehehehe xD*

Well we hanged around until it was about to rain.. Luckily we were able to leave the complex without getting wet. *Thank you, Lord!* You guys should know why I'm so grateful.. if not, THINK people, THINK!

I got back to my area in time to join my mum and sis for dinner.. However, even in my small area, there was Jam, well the usual one with the exception that it was a rainy evening.

So WHAT'S for dinner you ASK??? We ate at Ipoh Chicken Rice Shop which is near my area.

Ok Ok, I shall stop here, duwanna let you guys/girls start drooling all over your computer.. Ahahahkz.. Wootza!


  1. lol.. i was just about to inform you about it.. =)

  2. when i saw the chicken i was like ooohhhh... then when i saw the pork i was like whoah... good thing you stopped there! hahaha...

  3. hahahaha.. made ya hungry ei?
    hehehe.. xD