Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weirdest Logic

A few days ago, my memord card started corrupting, and by that it means that the card started to show some malfunctioning. And BECAUSE of THAT, some of my pictures including videos were corrupted.

Ended up with errors that pop-up: Device I/O error

This is my memory card,
only about 2 weeks old..
so fast corrupt right? wtf..

Okies, that's not the weirdest logic YET..

the weirdest thing is when I went to Low Yat
to find out the problem.. How weird?
W.E.I.R.D I tell you..

A shorten conversation at the shop..
Me: My memory card has an error, it's not readable..
Techie: How come?
Me: (=.=") I don't know, suddenly it's not readable..
Techie: *takes a display camera, and reformats my card*
Me: Is it done? But how come I couldn't format it on my camera?
Techie: Sometimes the memory card is a little choosy..
Me: *wtf face* *calms down* Oh kayy..
Me: So what should I do to overcome this..
Techie: Oh, you should always format your card..
*suddenly a guy interrupted, apparently he was from SanDisk*
SanDiskGuy: The more you format, the better it is..
Me: *wtffff* *shocked, but remained calm* thanks..

who ever heard, that the more you format a card,
the better it becomes


  1. i tot the more u format the worst it get?

  2. yaw i know..
    but the techies said differently.. T_T