Sunday, September 07, 2008

Day out with family, with Wall.E review

Today, I decided to take my family out for movies at MidValley Megamall. I guess it's been a while since the last we watched movie together. *sigh* I feel so bad, I've told them that we're gonna watch a movie, but only a few months was I able to fulfill it.

Was there early to avoid being busy at the parking lot, and had breakfast at Food Junction.

This proves that we were at Food Junction? LOL

I saw a star hanging around at the Food Junction

Okies, I have to stop here..
See the second rule???

After that, we went and walk around before the movie starts. I went and see the Modern Home & Property Fair at the convention center. Then met with me classmates. Forgotten they were having a gathering there too, hahaha xD *paiseh*

The Entrance of the Convention Center

Anyways, we watched Wall.E. OMiGOSh! It is so KIEWT!! (Cute) I LOVE IT!! Though the whole show wasn't that good, but I must admit, the animation is really neat and cool! The storyline.. so-so only.. Not that interested, if you're looking for nice stories. There are hidden moral lessons though, but ain't gonna spill them out, you gotta find out by yourself. One thing I like is how the actors/actresses were able to mimic like the robotic way of talking at the same time putting some feelings into it.. Hmm, I'm imagining how to actually put emotions into a compounding metal circuits... ROBOTS falling in LOVE... How cool is that??

And I thought the world's gonna disappear within
another few hundred years from now...

Wall.E itself.. Damn cute sia.. =)

This part is sweet yet funny at the same time..
hahaha xD

The movie got a rating of 7.5 out of 10.0. The cuteness factor adds a 0.5 into it making it 8.0. *winks* It's a nice movie to watch though. =D

Went for tea time/dinner at BK's and guess what? I met my friends, Nicole and Wan Sin. They are so hardworking weih, doing there work there, and it was Maths!! O_O

They're really sweet and are a nice couple..
*envy envy*

Then we headed home... for some nice rest and relaxation before starting tomorrow's lessons. Yesh! Class starting tomorrow! *yikes!* =(


  1. that's okay jeff... going to school is much better compared to working.

    by the way i got an award and am sharing it with you... do check it out and share it with your friends!

  2. hahaha.. well personally, i dun reli like school.. i prefer working.. however i do know the value of education, so that's the reason keeping me in school.. Hahaha..

    thx for the award though! You're so sweet.. *hugs!*